Systematics, Ecology and Evolution

The diverse interests of the 30 SEE faculty and adjuncts, their 55+ graduate students, and several postdoctoral research associates facilitate advanced study of ecological and evolutionary processes  involving a broad range of organisms and habitats.

  • SEE graduate students have access to modern, well-equipped facilities for data collection and analysis
  • Research within SEE is supported by grants from several national funding agencies
  • Results are regularly published in premier international scientific journals
  • Several members of the group serve as editors or editorial board members of important journals and are high office holders in a number of societies


Faculty Photo Faculty Name Research Interests
Austin Christopher Austin Population genetics, systematics, biogeography, phylogeography and physiological and functional 
ecology of reptiles and amphibians
Batzer Mark Batzer Comparative Genomics, Genome Biology and Evolution, Transposable Element Biology, Computational Biology
Brown Jeremy Brown Computational Phylogenetics, Phylogeography, and Molecular Evolution
Brumfield Robb Brumfield Avian population genetics and systematics
Chakrabarty Prosanta Chakrabarty Ichthyology, Biogeography, Systematics of Marine and Freshwater fishes
Cronin James Cronin Population and Community Ecology, Plant-Herbivore-Natural Enemy Interactions, Ecological Genetics, Biological Pest Management
Dassanayake Maheshi Dassanayake Plant adaptions to abiotic stress and comparative genomics
Eberhard Jessica Eberhard  
Elderd Bret Elderd Quantitative, Population, Disease, and Community Ecology
Esselstyn Jake Esselstyn Mammalian systematics and evolution
Faircloth Brant C. Faircloth Vertebrate genomics and phylogenetics
Galvez Fernando Galvez Integrative Fish Biology, Environmental Physiology, Aquatic Toxicology
Hand Steven C. Hand Bioenergetics, molecular physiology, environmental control of gene expression, comparative biochemistry
Harms Kyle Harms Population, Community, and Evolutionary Ecology
Hellberg Michael Hellberg Molecular evolution, population genetics and speciation in marine invertebrates and fish
Homberger Dominique Homberger Functional, ecological, and evolutionary morphology
Kelly Morgan Kelly Ecology, evolution and conservation of marine invertebrates
Lagomarsino Laura Lagomarsino Botany, evolution, plant-pollinator interactions
Li Daijiang Li Quantitative Ecology, Statistics, Phylogenetic Ecology, Biodiversity, Phenology, Global Change Biology
Mason Nicholas Mason Ornithology, Evolution, Ecology, Natural History Collections
Mathews Sarah Mathews Biology and evolution of plants, molecular evolution of plant photoreceptors
Tan Jiaqi Tan Plant-microbe interactions, microbial ecology and evolution
Greg Thom Greg Thom My lab has an integrative research program centered on the use of scientific collections that bridge evolution, ecology, and organismal biology to explore the processes driving bird diversification in the Tropics. 

Adjunct Faculty

  • Vinson Doyle
  • William Eberhard
  • Mary Jane Eberhard-West 
  • Scott Kosiba  
  • Nathan Lord
  • Kevin Robertson