Hall of Distinction

Established in 2004, the LSU College of Science Hall of Distinction celebrates individuals who make significant contributions to science, business, academia, or government as well as to their community.  Individuals do not have to be an LSU alumnus to be nominated for induction, but must have a meaningful connection to the College of Science.



All individuals who have made outstanding contributions to their profession and community and have had formative associations with the College of Science are eligible for recognition, either living or posthumously. This includes, but is not limited to, alumni, emeritus faculty, and friends of the College. No more than two individuals within each of these three categories will be honored in a single year. An individual will not be considered while an employee of the University. Consideration will be based on accomplishments across a career and educational, professional, or service activities that provide a strong bond between the individual and the college. There should be evidence of: 

  1. an exceptional professional record,
  2. significant personal achievement, or
  3. strong integrity and humanitarianism.

Industry Champion

In addition to recognizing outstanding graduates, emeritus faculty, and supporters of our college, the College of Science will consider the unique opportunity to recognize transformational industry partners as the College of Science Industry Champion. This award is determined at the discretion of the dean, in consultation with the Office of Industry Engagement from the LSU Foundation. The College of Science Industry Champion designation will be considered annually, but will be awarded as appropriate. Nominations are welcome from all LSU stakeholders.

The following considerations will be evaluated when assessing this opportunity for recognition:

  • The organization has made a transformational investment or is engaged in a dynamic conversation with the potential of high-value to LSU
  • Such investments include, but are not limited to:
    • research support
    • expertise and advisement
    • philanthropic support
    • workforce development
    • student engagement


A nomination must be submitted to Megan Klingler, Operations & Event Manager, at mklingler@lsu.edu for an individual to be considered for induction into the Hall of Distinction. Nominations for our 2024 Hall of Distinction honorees are due by Tuesday, October 31, 2023.

A nomination should include a 1-page cover letter and a 3-page (maximum) summary of the nominee’s achievements and impacts on the university. The cover letter and summary statement may come from the same or two different individuals. Additional materials, such as CVs, lists of publications, letters of support, etc., will not be considered by the selection committee. Therefore, any information from such documents that is felt to be essential should be included in the cover letter or the summary statement. The Dean’s office will acknowledge receipt of the nomination and may request any additional information that is needed by the selection committee. Nominations remain active for a period of three years upon submission and must be resubmitted for further consideration after that period of time.

If you have any questions about the process or the requirements, please contact either Ms. Klingler (mklingler@lsu.edu) or Dr. Andrew Maverick, Associate Dean (maverick@lsu.edu).

Presentation of Honorees

The Dean will notify the individuals of their selection as a member of the Hall of Distinction.  In the event the Honoree is deceased, a family member or friend will be notified. Induction ceremonies are held each year during the spring semester.