Administrative Staff 

Evana Gleason

Dr. Evanna Gleason

Department Chair & Professor

email dr. gleason

Business Main Office: LSB 202

Team Member Title Contact
Elizabeth Hlucky Assistant to the Chair &
Business Manager 
Lori Bond Senior Human Resources Specialist 
Abbigail Tindell Front Desk Coordinator


Accounting Office: LSB 206

Team Member Title Contact Job Description
Kirschlan Blanchard Federal Grants Coordinator  
C: 225-366-9559
O: 225-578-8483
Zoom:449 892 9011
  • Prepares and submits requests to purchase all equipment and services for all accounts I work with
  • Responsible for maintaining and balancing ledgers for the Indirect accounts, federal grants, and Super Fund grants.
  • Process invoices for payment and complete required paperwork for the form of payment
Alex Dudley Coordinator - Private, State, FNDN, Agency & Boyd Accounts  
O: 225-578-8216
Zoom: 392 424 0291
Grant coordinator who handles
  • State and Private grants
  • Foundation accounts
  • Agency accounts,
  • Biology Intensive Orientation for Students (BIOS)
  • Boyd accounts
Shondriel Myles Coordinator - Accounting  
O: 225-578-2006
  • Prepares, analyze and reconciles departmental and Institutional ledgers monthly
  • Coordinate all departmental purchasing on state and startup accounts
  • Pays invoices for departmental expenses
  • Provide direct oversight, and supervision of Effort Certifications
Patrick Reynolds Coordinator - Travel & LaCarte Card  
C: 225-443-2001
O: 225-578-8487
Zoom: 556 988 2094
  • Coordinate all travel arrangements for guests of Biological Science
  • Help with travel issues for faculty
  • Process reimbursements for employees for personal funds spent of Biological Science business
  • Reconcile LaCarte card purchases made by faculty
  • Reconcile FedEx shipments with appropriate accounts
Calvin Veal Coordinator - Grant Proposals  
C: 225-443-0208
O: 225-578-1925
Zoom: 891 496 7521
Proud LSU Administrator; managing over 100 current LSU awards, to include
  • Federal
  • State
  • Private sponsors.

Undergraduate Office: LSB 101

Team Member Title Contact Job Description
Ann Polito Coordinator 
O: 225-578-5231
Britanny Skuse Coordinator  
O: 225-578-7281

Graduate Office: LSB 107

Team Member Title Contact Job Description
Kayleigh Jones Administrative Coordinator 4  
O: 225-578-1556
Travel and LaCarte card charges for Graduate Students
Chimene Williams Administrative Program Specialist  
O: 225-578-1765

Graduate Student Liaison

Shipping Office: LSB 131

Team Member Title Contact Job Description
Dolores Dyess Administrative Coordinator - package control  
O: 225-578-1132

Manages incoming and outgoing shipments/packages

Alternating student workers Student Worker O: 225-578-1132  

IT Office: LSB 502

Team Member Title Contact Job Description
Teryn Thornton Computer Analyst 3 

O: 225-578-2928 

  • IT support
  • IT purchasing
Austin Copper Computer Analyst 1

O: 225-578-3907 

  • IT support
Cali Stuckey Communications/ Marketing Specialist

O: 225-578-1889

  • Communications for the Dept
  • Website/faculty sites
  • Outreach
  • Social media

Introductory Biology: LSB 104

Team Member Title Contact Job Description
Danielle Taylor Coordinator - Life Sciences Bldg  
O: 225-578-8304
  • Handles the Program’s Budget, Accounts, & expenditures (LaCarte card purchases, rebate orders, grant funds, reimbursements, supply orders).
  • Organizes and submits the Course Offerings and class schedules for each semester, reserves spaces for Final Group Exams, and adopts the semester’s textbooks. 
  • Assists with student course enrollment, overrides, and add/drop requests. Advises students on scheduling and answering any course questions.

Building Coordinator: LSB 103

Team Member Title Contact Job Description
Trisha Ball Building Coordinator  
O: 225-578-8486 

Work order request

  • Building Coordinator- 14 floors between LSA & LSB, 4 depts (biological sciences, plant pathology, entomology, DLAM), 3 entities (A&M, AgCenter, vet school) located here
  • Space Coordinator (LSA, LSB, CH)
  • Inventory Coordinator- entire department; located in multiple buildings across campus, approximately $21 million
  • Fleet Coordinator- 5 state vehicles
  • Facility Services (20+ depts)- work orders, shutdowns, hiring committee, claims, emergencies, etc.
  • PDC- Renovations (most time consuming- can be a very long process)
  • EHS- safety, building inspections, emergencies, fume hoods, etc.
  • Property Management- asset custodian, surplus, monthly state vehicle audits, inventory, claims
  • Risk Management- state vehicle user approvals, claims, emergencies
  • LSU PD/Fire- emergencies
  • Dept Equipment- purchases, maintenance agreements
  • Liquid Nitrogen- purchases, accounting
  • Supervise- shipping office, shipping office coordinator, student workers