Brant C. Faircloth

Brant Faircloth


Moreland Family Professor
SEE Division

Phone: 578-1006
Office: 282 Life Sciences Building
Lab: 285 and 287 Life Sciences Building

Faircloth lab

Area of Interest

Research in my lab focuses on understanding the evolutionary history of communities, species, populations, and individuals; the effects of genetic diversity on community structure; and the effects of variable genotypes on phenotypes under strong selection. To address questions in each of these areas, we generally use non-model organisms because their biology offers elegant tests of the hypotheses in which we're interested. Because we often work with non-model species, we develop and use genomic and computational tools to facilitate our work with these organisms, and much of our work is "integrative" or "cross-disciplinary" - we use theory and tools from the fields of evolutionary biology, computational biology, molecular biology, organismal biology, genetics (few genetic regions), and genomics (many/all genetic regions) to help us address our questions.

If you are interested in working in the laboratory, please see the laboratory website and contact us.