Transfer Credit Eligibility

Eligibility of transfer credit for courses earned or to be taken at institutions in the United States requires an on-line application. To find out more about LSU’s Transfer Credit Eligibility.

How to apply as a transfer student:

  • If you are a current LSU student requesting eligibility of transfer credit already earned:
    • You must submit an online application via Common Application. Completion of the application, which also serves as the application for admission, will allow you to indicate the transfer course(s) you would like to have evaluated for eligibility by LSU faculty. Once the form is submitted, you should monitor your degree audit for changes.
    • Questions or concerns regarding enrollment status, contact the Office of Enrollment Management via
  • If you are a current LSU student seeking an evaluation of a transfer course you plan to take in the future:
    First check the Tiger Transfer Tables
    If the course you want to take is not on the tables, you can request more information from the Office of Enrollment Management via
    Students needing international coursework evaluated should contact the academic department directly, and students seeking approval for Academic Programs Abroad (APA) must obtain a PACE form from the APA Office in lieu of submitting this online form.