Biking to LSU 

Need custom directions? Our partners at Bike Baton Rouge will research your route and respond within 24 hours.

All bicycles brought to campus must be registered with the Baton Rouge Police.

Use the Interactive Campus Map & Bike Map to locate bicycle racks and pumps throughout campus.

Tips - Bicycling on LSU Campus 

  • Obey all traffic laws, for example: Don't ride on the sidewalk, ride with traffic (not against it), yield to pedestrians, stop at all stop signs and red lights, use front and rear lights in dark, signal when turning, & alert other cyclists, walkers and joggers when passing.
  • Don't ride with loud music in ears.
  • Encourage your friends to ride - Biking is always safer and more fun when in a group!
  • Biking in the Heat - Bring change of dry clothes, arrive a few mins early to change and cool down.
  • Biking in the Cold - Cover your hands, ears & neck, wear lip balm, and layer clothes as your body will warm up after riding a few minutes.
  • Parking / Locking your Bike 
    • There are dozens of racks located near the entrances to most buildings on the LSU campus. Please do not lock up to trees, fences, signposts, or railings.
    • Use a thick chain, cable, or U-lock to prevent theft.
    • Take personal belongings and removable things like bags and bike lights with you.
  • Bikes on Tiger Trails Buses - Tiger Trails has bike racks on the front of all buses. Here's how to load and unload your bike from any bus.

Bike Calculator

Want to see how much money you can save, how many calories you can burn, and how many emissions you can prevent by substituting your car commute with a bike ride?  

Try the Bike Baton Rouge calculator

Other Bike Connections 


LSU is proud to be designated a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists!



In February 2019, Parking & Transportation Services conducted two town hall meetings and a month-long survey to begin a conversation between with the campus community. 

campus mobility results