Accessibility Permits

In order to park in authorized ADA/Handicap spaces on campus, students or employees with valid state-handicapped placards are required to register with the LSU Parking & Transportation Services Offices. Individuals must complete the ADA Registration Form or bring a copy of their handicapped identification card, driver’s license, and Mobility ID/paperwork in for verification.

Handicap ADA Permit 

Students or employees with valid state-handicapped placards or plates issued outside the state of Louisiana are required to bring a copy of their handicapped identification card and any other supporting documentation to be used for verification.

Individuals with a state-issued handicapped placard or license plate are required to visit our office with the placard or handicapped ID in order to better assist with transportation needs.

Those requesting a temporary gate access card must be approved by the Office of Disability Services and Title IX for central campus access. Individuals are also required to pay a $30 deposit for gate access cards.

Temporary Medical Permit

The Office of Parking & Transportation Services offers short-term temporary disability parking for students and employees whose temporary disability impacts mobility and is needed for less than three months. Handicapped accessible buses are available on campus and should be utilized to mitigate any temporary mobility limitations.

If the bus system is not sufficient for access to the center of campus, an application for medical parking will need to be completed by the doctor who is treating you for the specific condition which limits your mobility. There are medical parking spaces throughout campus that can be utilized for those whose applications are approved.

Individuals whose condition requires that medical parking be granted for longer than three months are encouraged to obtain a state-issued mobility-impaired license plate or hang tag.

Students or employees wishing to apply for temporary medical parking should fill out the Temporary Medical Parking Permit form. Your request will be processed and faxed to your doctor within 48 business hours. Once we receive confirmation from the doctor treating you, we will contact you via email or phone.

For questions regarding the ADA handicap  and temporary medical permit application process, please contact Parking & Transportation Services at (225) 578-5000 or email


For information regarding our Paratransit service, please visit our Paratransit page.