Eco Lot

Beginning Fall 2023, the Facility Services Lot (108) will be used as an Eco Lot. “Eco” lots are designated areas that prioritize sustainability as well as affordability. Those wishing to park in the lot without a valid LSU parking permit will be directed to pay $1 for the day (not including taxes and fees) using one of our pay-to-park mobile systems. Signage will be located at the entrances of the lot with instructions. Those who possess a valid LSU parking permit may also park in the lot without the added fee. Parking Rules and Regulations will still apply to the lot and those utilizing the lot will be expected to follow them.

Additionally, SPIN scooters will be available for rent within the lot for additional ease of access into campus. Shuttle pick-up/drop-off will also be available in the Eco, Park & Geaux, and Nicholson Gateway lots for transportation into campus.

Park & Geaux is an available option for permit holders looking to park and ride the Tiger Trails services into campus.