Mission, Objectives and Services


The Clarence L. Barney Jr. African American Cultural Center (AACC) implements educational, cultural, and social activities that acknowledge and address the needs of African American students at LSU. The Center also provides a venue for all students to learn about African American culture, heritage, and traditions. The AACC is an area reporting to the Office of Multicultural Affairs.The primary goal of the LSU AACC is to educate students, faculty, and staff about the history, culture, and the contributions of African Americans. The Center enriches the LSU community in increased knowledge sharing and understanding of the African American experience. 


  • To promote informed understanding of the ancient history and culture of Africa
  • To educate students, faculty, staff and the community about the contributions of African Americans
  • To provide a venue for dialogue and an exchange of ideas about various issues effecting the African American community
  • To serve as an information base available to the LSU community on topics related to African American history
  • To assist in promoting interracial harmony, cohesion, and inclusion within the LSU community


The AACC provides a variety of services for students, faculty, staff, and community members. Services include:

  • Meeting/Conference Space
  • Internet/Wireless Access
  • Access to Cultural Library
  • Cultural/Artifact Tour by the African American Cultural Ambassadors. Email aacc@lsu.edu to schedule an appointment.
  • Equipment Rental