Black History at LSU

Below is a timeline of diversity and equity at LSU compiled by the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


1950 LSU Board of Education enrolls Black student into the law school (Roy S. Wilson)
1952 First Black to earn a degree from LSU [Masters of Education] (Charles E. Harrington)
1953 First Black undergraduate enrolls at LSU (A. P. Tureaud)
1954 First Black to graduate from LSU Law School (Ernest N. “Dutch” Morial)
1956 First Black woman to graduate from LSU [Masters of Education] (Pearl Henry Payne)
1957 First Black to graduate from the LSU School of Library and Information Sciences (Ollie H. Burns)



A. P. Tureaud





1964 First group (6) of Black students enroll at LSU
1964 First Black woman to attend LSU (Freya Anderson Rivers)
1964 First Black (man or woman) to live in a LSU residence hall (Maxine Crump)
1965 First Black Tiger Band member (John Sibley Butler)
1967 First Black (man or woman) to earn her Ph.D. from LSU (Pinkie Gordon Lane)
1969 First Black baseball player (Henry LeBoyd)


kerry pourciau

Kerry Pourciau


Lora O. Hinton, Jr





1971 First Black wrestler (Joe Lee Lott)
1971 First Black LSU professor (Julian T. White, Architecture)
1972 First meeting space for Black students was established (Harambeé House)
1972 First Black LSU Student Government President (Kerry Pourciau)
1972 First Black Ph.D. graduate in Chemistry (Richard Evans)
1972 First Black LSU varsity football players (Lora O. Hinton, Jr. and Mikell Williams)
1972 First Black man gymnast (Mike Carter)
1972 First Black Tigress Pom Pon (Elma Walker)
1973 First Black graduate of the School of Renewable Natural Resources [Masters in Fisheries] (Albert J. Doucette, Jr.)
1974 First Black LSU basketball player (Collis Temple, Jr.)
1974 First Black quarterback for LSU (Carl Otis Trimble) [1974-76]
1975 First Black cheerleaders (Ladeta Crowley and Herman Harris)
1975 First Black volleyball and women's basket player (Joanette Batiste Boutte)
1976 First Black LSU woman tenured professor (Christine Minor)
1978 First Black softball players (Myra Burrell Brown and Paula Edwards)
1978 First Black woman tennis player (Kyle Copeland Muse)





1980 First Black Golden Girls (Paula Jackson and Saundra Mims)
1980 First Black woman gymnast (Debra Ross)
1989 First Black (man or woman) LSU dean of an academic college (Carolyn Collins)



Reneé Boutte Meyer

aacc opening

AACC Opening

office of multicultural affairs

Office of Multicultural Affairs



1990 First Black woman president of the LSU Union Governing Board and Programming Council (Nicole Moliere)
1991 First African American head coach of any sport (women's tennis) (Tony Minnis)
1991 First Black crowned LSU Homecoming Queen (Reneé Boutte Meyer)
1991 Minority Services is established (In 1993, it becomes the Office of Multicultural Affairs)
1993 Establishment of the LSU Clarence L. Barney Jr. African American Cultural Center
1995 Establishment of the LSU Women’s Center
1999 First Vice Provost of Campus Diversity is appointed (Gregory Vincent)



Ebony Spikes

Dr. Warner

Isiah Warner

eli jones

Eli Jones



2000 First Black LSU Boyd Professor is named by the LSU System (Isiah Warner)
2000 First Black woman soccer players (Fallon Buckner and Somalia Lindsay)
2000 Safe Space Campaign begins
2001 Office of Strategic Initiatives forms
2002 First Black woman Corp Commander for the LSU Corp of Cadets (Daphne LaSalle)
2002 First Black (man or woman) British Marshall Scholar at LSU (Ebony Spikes)
2004 First Black Women's Basketball Head Coach (Dana "Pokey" Chatman)
2004 First Black Miss LSU-USA (Courtney Rawls)
2006 First Black (man or woman) to complete the LSU MBA/JD joint program (Natasha U. Francis)
2006 Black Faculty Association forms
2007 First LSU student to be named as a Morris K. Udall Scholar (Nita Anne Clark)
2008 First Black Men's Basketball Head Coach (Trent Johnson)
2008 First Black Dean of the E.J. Ourso College of Business (Eli Jones)
2009 First LSU student to receive a bachelor's degree in coastal environmental science (Nita Anne Clark)

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