Who We Are

You'll find our team helping military and veteran students build community, navigate benefits and resources, and connect to academic, career, and campus resources that fuel their success and wellbeing.

Meet the Program Director

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Grant Schadeberg

Grant oversees the services and programs offered by the William A. Brookshire Military & Veterans Student Center.

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Veteran Success Team

At LSU, we've got staff across campus committed to your success. Connect with a team member below to get the help you need next.

Resource Area Name Contact
VA Certifying Official Heather Kimball  va@lsu.edu 225-578-3103
VA Certifying Official  Ines Johnson  va@lsu.edu 225-578-3103
Military Tuition Assistance  Tanya Jackson  tjacks@lsu.edu 225-578-3969
GI Bill
Louisiana National Guard 
Leonard Acker  leonard.c.acker.civ@army.mil 504-278-8273


ROTC Contacts

106 Military Science Building
Louisiana State University


Naval ROTC
Southern University A&M College
Navy/Marine LSU students go to ROTC here

Air Force ROTC
Department of Aerospace Studies
105 Military Science Building
Louisiana State University