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LSU’s Successes are Helping Build a Brighter Future for All of Us

LSU’s successes are shaping our state and the world in remarkable ways. As we build teams that win for Louisiana, the nation, and the world, we put our state and its citizens on firmer footing for a brighter tomorrow — one win at a time. 


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Annual Research Activity, powered by LSU's Scholarship First Agenda and solutions-focused research

- September 2023


for Biomed, OLOL & LCMC partnership to transform patient care and the workforce pipeline

- February 2022


for Energy, NSF grant to position Louisiana to lead the global energy expansion

- January 2024

Explore Our Latest Wins

LSU Eunice is set to receive $3.25 million in federal funding earmarked for the upcoming STEAM Innovation Center on campus, a renovation and reimagining of LSUE’s current Science Building, the first building erected on the campus in 1967.

Nootkatone Studies Could Lead to Prevention of Lyme Disease. LSU Chemical Engineering (ChE) Professor Kerry Dooley, LSU ChE Department Chair and Professor Mike Benton, and LSU Department of Biological Sciences (Biol. Sci.) Professor Roger Laine will continue their work on a project that could bring affordable and effective insect repellent to the masses, possibly decreasing the number of Lyme disease, malaria, and West Nile virus cases around the world.

LSU Shreveport has smashed its previous enrollment record, recording a final spring 2024 enrollment of 10,214. This marks an enrollment increase of nearly 1,500 students over spring 2023, a 17 percent jump.

LSU Alexandria has received a $1M commitment from a local hospital to empower and assist students pursuing a career in nursing by providing exclusive access, comprehensive training, and financial support throughout their academic journey.

LSU Kinesiology Professor Senlin Chen, PhD, and his team are developing a novel obesity prevention program to use in Louisiana schools, combining such tactics as virtual pets and coaches with the best science to encourage healthy behaviors.

Highly competitive NSF Engines grant will provide up to $160 million to support Louisiana’s energy industry, create jobs and develop the energy workforce.

Champions of Progress for Louisiana—and the World

Since its humble beginnings as a military academy, LSU has aspired to be a beacon of excellence for Louisiana and its people while celebrating the unique culture and heritage that make us unlike any other university in the country. Through innovation in the critical industries of agriculture, biomedicine, coastal research, defense, and energy—along with a strong commitment to the arts and humanities—we’re gaining accolades and building a model of the future here at home and for the rest of the world. Come along with us.