Supporting the academic pursuits, personal wellbeing, and post-grad success of military-connected students

Our team is committed to guiding veterans, service members, dependents, and survivors toward academic excellence and personal success on campus and beyond graduation. To accomplish this, we:

  • Support a seamless transition into collegiate life for military and veteran students
  • Offer a welcoming Student Center space for students to gather, study, and dream
  • Provide opportunities for students to build community through social events, student organizations, and the greater military-connected community
  • Assist students in navigating their education benefits
  • Provide connections and referrals to help students achieve personal wellbeing and professional goals

Our motto is, "Serving veterans and service members as they pursue a new mission."


Our Work in Action

"...the opportunities to help me achieve my goals."

Cornel Sims Jr., LSU Social Work Graduate, pictured Left “The Center gave me a place that I felt understood and listened to. When I need information, books, food, or a quiet place to study, it was my favorite place to go. Through the Center, I found the resources, social activities, and guidance I needed to become even more successful and fulfill a better education. Myself and other students obtained jobs and connections with other veterans from all over the country by attending NatCon. Without the Center, I wouldn’t have the advantages I have now and I thank them for giving me the opportunities to help me achieve my goals."
group of students stand at Baton Rouge Riverfront in front of a ship