Training Procedure

  1. Read the User Policy, Instrument Sign-up Policy, and Charge Rates.
  2. Complete the online NMR Training Application Form/Quiz. Ask your supervisor for an account number for NMR charges before you start filling the online form.
  3. NMR Facility Personnel will let you know the day/time for the NMR training after you submit the online forms.
  4. Download our brief TopSpin 3.2 user manual from the NMR website and read it before the training day. Bring a hard copy of the manual to the training session with you.

NMR Training Schedule

There is no scheduled training session at this time. Please send e-mail to to make arrangements for a training session. You need to submit your completed NMR Training Application Form and your answers to the NMR Training Quiz to join a training session.

NMR Training Application and Quiz