Instrument Location Probes

Bruker AVNEO 700 MhzBruker AVNEO 700 MHz

B3 Choppin Hall

1. 5mm TCI -cryoprobe

2. 3.2 mm MAS (1H/13C/15N)

3. 0.7 mm MAS (1H/13C/15N)

Bruker AVII 500 Mhz instrumentBruker AVIII 500 MHz 

Chemistry and Materials Building
Room 309

1.    5mm Prodidy TCI (1H/13C/15N)

2.    5mm TBI (1H/13C/BB)

3.    5mm QXI

Bruker AVIII 400 Mhz with 3 channels intrumentBruker AVIII-400 MHz (with three channels)

Chemistry and Materials Building
Room 309

1.    5mm TBI (1H/13C/BB)

2.    5mm BBI (1H/BB)

3.    4mm HR MAS BL4 (1H/31P)

4.    4mm HR MAS BL4 (1H/13C)

Bruker AVIII 400 Mhz nanoboy instrumentBruker AVIII-400 MHz (Nanobay)

Chemistry and Materials Building
Room 309

1.    5 mm BBO (1H/BB)

2.    10 mm BBO (1H/BB)

AV 400 MhZ NMR instrumentAV 400 MHz   Choppin Hall Room B20

1.    5mm QNP Probe (1H/31P/13C/15N)

2.    5 mm 1H/19F

AV 400 Mhz NMR instrument AV 400 MHz
 (Solid State and diffusion (solution)) 

Choppin Hall Room B22

1.    4 mm PH MASDVT BL4  (1H/19F/X/Y) 

2.    2.5 mm PH MASDVT BL2.5  (1H/19F/X/Y) 

3.    Diff60 (5 mm Diffusion probe)


Workstations for Data Processing

Workstation for NMR data processing/analysis are located in Choppin Hall room B3.  The following software are available on one or more of the workstations and we can install other NMR related software upon request.

Available software:

  • TopSpin3.x/TopSpin4.x with NUS Professional license
  • VnmrJ 4.2
  • Dynamic Center (with license for Protein Dynamics)
  • MestReNova
  • nmrPipe
  • Sparky/Poky
  • NMRView
  • VMD-Visual Molecular Dynamics