Change of Major

If your current major is not a good fit, it is understandable that you may want to change it, and we are here to help! The listing of majors can help to familiarize you with all the options LSU has to offer. Whether you want to pursue a career in Accounting or Wildlife Ecology, an academic path is available.

Resources for Changing Your Major

Counselors and advisors

Counselors and advisors are available to assist you with exploring options that best align with your academic abilities and interests.

  • Senior College advisors are available to assist in each academic college
  • University Center for Freshman Year (UCFY): UCFY is the advising home for students that have not yet been admitted to their senior college with less than 30 hours of academic credit
  • University Center for Advising & Counselor (UCAC): UCAC is the advising home for all Allied Health students and students that have earned over 30 hours of academic credit but have not yet been accepted into their senior college
  • Career Center advisors are available to assist with exploring how various majors align with your interests and post-graduation goals

Degree Audit

Your Degree Audit can tell you what courses you have completed and what courses still need to be completed within your declared major. You can also view your potential status in a new major. Your Degree Audit can be found at: > Student Services > Degree Audit

General Catalog

The General Catalog can tell you what courses are required for each major. In most cases, you will use the version of the catalog from the year you entered LSU. Consult with an advisor for questions.

Notes about Changing Your Major

  • Changing your major could affect your eligibility for your residential college, major-specific scholarships, or Academic Common Market.
  • Changing your major later in your college career may affect the length of time it will take you to complete your degree.
  • The timing and nature of your request may impact when it can be fulfilled. It is recommended that all requests are submitted by the last day to add classes. This ensures that your request will be considered for same term processing, regardless of desired major.

How to Change Your Major

Prospective students who do not have their first semester schedule should utilize their Admissions Portal to request any changes in their intended program of study.

All enrolled students can begin the change of major process below. Please note that your submission will be routed to the appropriate administrative office based on your selections. In addition, some programs of study are highly selective and may require additional action. Please check your email to ensure you do not miss follow-up requests regarding your submission.