Hurricane Center

As a coastal state, Louisiana faces the possible threat from hurricanes and tropical storms each June through November. These storms have the potential to cause property damage, personal injury and even death.

Louisiana State University is aware that these high intensity storms can easily create unsafe conditions in our own community. In recent years, LSU has opted to close the campus as tropical storms or hurricanes approached the Louisiana coastline.

As a storm approaches, students, faculty, and staff will receive information if there is a threat to campus. The LSU campus community is encouraged to stay tuned to the LSU website, LSU social media, and local news stations. 

Announcements concerning the canceling of classes and campus events will be posted as soon as decisions are made by the Emergency Operations Center. 

Hurricane Preparation List

  • Create an emergency kit that includes:
    • Water – 1 gallon per day per person
    • Food – store food that is considered nonperishable (food should not require refrigeration or preparation)
    • Flashlight – include extra batteries
    • Cell phone charger that can plug into a wall, car, USB port, or portable charger
    • First-aid kit – non-prescription pain relievers, band-aids, antibacterial ointment, insect repellent, sunscreen, and other items
    • Toiletries – hygiene items
    • Special needs items – prescription medication, infant formula, or specific needs that you or your family have 
    • Battery operated radio or tv
    • Manual can opener
  • Fill tank of car with gasoline
  • Make sure pets are inside or protected
  • Secure loose outside objects 

Information for Students

Students should contact their parents or family member prior to the storm to advise them of their location and then again after the storm to inform them of their status.

Campus residents from the Baton Rouge area who want to go to their homes may do so. Please inform your RA or someone at the reception desk of your apartment area so your whereabouts are known.

Before a storm:

Students unable to travel or those who choose to stay in campus housing should review the “Hurricane Preparation List” above. 

During a storm:

  • Residents are reminded to stay tuned to local radio, television, and the LSU website for updated information.
  • Students should remain away from dangerous areas, such as the glass windows and doors in the lobby areas of the residence halls or the living rooms of apartments.
  • Do not attempt to go outside.
  • During a storm a “state of emergency” exists. Alcoholic beverages or other substances that impair judgment are prohibited. 




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