Museum Seminar Series

The Museum Seminar Series is a weekly research talk at the LSU Museum of Natural Science given by invited speakers and LSU personnel that revolves around topics of natural history, ecology, or evolutionary biology. Seminars are open to the public and take place on Fridays at 3:30pm in the museum exhibits area. See schedule below. #MuseumSeminar 

2022 Spring Seminar Schedule

Date Details
January 21 

No Seminar: Short Week

January 28

 Alix Matthews, PhD Student, Boves Lab (VIRTUAL)
Dept. of Biological Sciences, Arkansas State University
Title: "A multi-level exploration of symbiotic avian feather mites" 

February 4

CCK National Academies Event
Hosted by Dr. Prosanta Chakrabarty, Curator of Fishes, LSU Museum of Natural Sciences
Title: TBD 

February 11

Dr. Crystal Johnson, Associate Professor
Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Louisiana State University
Title: "Bacteria in Bivalves and Birds"

February 18 

Dr. Fred Sheldon, LSUMNS Curator of Genetic Resources
Dept. of Biological Sciences, Louisiana State University
Title: “History of 20th century avian and hominoid molecular systematics: A simplified, self-centered, biased perspective.”

February 25 

Dr. Elizabeth Borda, Assistant Professor   
Dept. of Life Sciences, Texas A&M University - San Antonio
Title: "Diversity and Evolution in the Dark: an integrative evaluation of Typhlatya cave shrimp from the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico."

March 4 

Dr. Allison Shultz, Assistant Curator of Ornithology
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, California
Title: "In the eye of the beholder: On the evolution of feathers and their functions"

March 11 

No Seminar: Spring Break

March 18

No Seminar: Spring Break

March 25

Dr. Sara Ruane, Assistant Curator of Herpetology
Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois
Title: “Study Snakes! What would you want to do that for!?”

April 1 

Dr. Dave Blackburn, Curator of Herpetology
Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida
Title: “Increasing the impact of museum collections through 3D-imaging”

April 8 

No Seminar

April 15

No seminar: Good Friday and Passover

April 22

Dr. Tom Croat, P.A. Schulze Curator of Botany
Missouri Botanical Garden
Title: "1978 Cordillera Colan Expedition"

April 29

Dr. Phillip Skipwith, Assistant Professor
Department of Biology, University of Kentucky
Title: "Phylogenomics and Macroevolutionary Dynamics of Squamate Adaptive Radiations"

May 6

No seminar – Concentrated studying begins

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