Fall 2022 Undergraduate Advising: 

Advising During Covid-19

If you need to talk with an adviser, please refer to faculty advisers and their office hours below:

*Note that all office hours are virtual unless otherwise indicated - please email the faculty adviser for a Zoom link to meet with them during designated hours*

*Dr. Cherry (pskatie@lsu.edu): Office hours Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30-11:30am, and by appointment

*Dr. Copeland (copelan@lsu.edu): Office hours by appointment only

*Dr. Gilroy (sgilroy1@lsu.edu): Office hours Thursdays from 2-4pm

*Dr. Lucas (hlucas2@lsu.edu): Office hours Wednesdays from 1-3pm

You must have a current degree audit with you when seeing an advisor. Also, if you want a course from another university evaluated for transfer credit, please bring descriptive information about the course with you. Such information could include the course syllabus, course notes, the textbook used, and/or a catalog description of the course.

PACE Forms

Please forward all PACE forms to psycadvising@lsu.edu. Please include syllabi for the courses you will be attending at the other university. These are needed to evaluate transfer credit. If you do not have access to the syllabi before your classes begin, we recommend reaching out to the university you will be visiting.

If you have non-PSYC credit that needs to be evaluated, you must also reach out to the appropriate department for that credit. For example, reach out to the Foreign Language Department for language credits to be evaluated. Please include the syllabi for these courses when reaching out to other departments as well.

*Course transfer approvals and PACE forms may only be signed by these faculty advisors

Please email PSYC advising at psycadvising@lsu.edu with any additional questions regarding advising. 

The Psychology Department is now offering virtual mentoring to minority students! View more details about virtual minority mentoring.

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