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At LSU, we believe that the best education and the best research happen through collaboration. In our pursuit of excellence, we seek to develop partnerships with domestic and international institutions so that we can grow together, learn from each other, and seek solutions to the global issues that affect us all. If you're interested in discussing a partnership with LSU, please contact us below. 


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The Partnership Process

LSU is open to discussing a wide range of partnership agreements — memoranda of understanding, faculty exchanges, student exchanges, and more. All agreements are built through a collaborative process involving stakeholders from both LSU and the partner institution. The collaborative process is outlined below.



Prospective partner and LSU enter an initial discussion. 



Prospective partner and LSU collaboratively draft agreement.



Final agreement is signed by both partners. 



LSU and partner plan outcomes and regularly review. 


Resources for LSU Faculty & Staff

LSU faculty and staff are also invited to propose partnerships between LSU and other institutions. According to university policy, these proposals must come through our Global Partnerships office; it's important to contact us early, before establishing any commitment with an external institution, so that we can assist you in ensuring that all commitments are compliant with applicable policy.

To contact us to request a new partnership or renew a previous partnership, please complete the appropriate form below and email it to us at We're looking forward to discussing your ideas!



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or to come visit our main office on campus