Planning Your Arrival

Pre-Arrival Plan

After you've received a job offer from LSU, there are several arrangements you'll likely need to make before you arrive, like travel, housing, and transportation. This page provides recommendations and resources to help you start planning your life in Baton Rouge!


Relocation & Travel

The links below provide information about entering the US, traveling to Baton Rouge, and checking for relocation benefits.


Living Arrangements

The guides below share information about living in Baton Rouge, managing transportation, and finding groceries near you. 



Find additional resources for family or other dependents below. On the visa information page, select your (the faculty member/scholar's) visa type to see relevant dependent information. 


More Resources

Some of the guides on our Student Resources page may also be helpful to you; they cover topics such as US medical care, community organizations, and emergency preparedness.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us via email or phone or, once you arrive, to come visit our office.