LSU Students Find Confidence & Inspiration in Paris

June 12, 2024

Every year, students from across LSU’s colleges participate in study abroad programs, living and learning at global destinations while earning credit toward their LSU degrees. This summer, our team caught up with two LSU students – Amanda Carambat and Lindsey LaFleur – who recently returned from a semester in Paris. Amanda and Lindsey shared how their experiences in France are now benefiting their career steps in Louisiana, imparting newfound confidence and fresh inspiration. 

Amanda Carambat, College of Art & Design 

Amanda is a fourth-year architecture student at the LSU College of Art and Design. Her Paris program focused on design concepts and their application in European contexts. While most of her program took place in Paris, Amanda was also able to visit locations across France, England, Scotland, Germany, and Italy during her stay.  

Through this global experience, Amanda found new inspiration to serve her local Baton Rouge community. She says her time in Paris “added value and insight into my new position as an architectural intern with a local firm in Baton Rouge. It also expanded my knowledge of varying ways that cities and buildings can be designed and has helped me to think more creatively when solving problems within my local community.” 


two students stand in front of the Eiffel Tower


student sketches in sketchbook in front of Eiffel Tower


student stands in front of a beautiful building


Lindsey LaFleur, E.J. Ourso College of Business 

This May, Lindsey graduated from LSU with a bachelor’s degree in business. Before graduation, Lindsey decided to take two courses in Paris, one on the French cinema industry and the other on French tourism.  

For Lindsey, this academic experience inspired her and helped her develop newfound confidence and independence, skills that she’ll need in the next chapter of her academic career. She says, “Living in a country where I did not speak the native language and existing in such a fast-paced environment helped me become much more independent [. . .]. After graduation, I am entering the LSU Flores MBA Program, and I believe that my study abroad experience shaped me for the better.” 


student smiles in front of the Eiffel Tower


group of students smile in front of a river


student smiles on beach at sunset


Global Learning & Local Impact  

For Lindsey and Amanda, a global experience developed skills that they can use right here in Baton Rouge, as they each start the next steps in their career journeys. If you’re ready to see how you can also expand your global and career horizons, connect with our study abroad team today! The world is waiting – where will you geaux?