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The programs listed below are offered through LSU Online and the E. J. Ourso College of Business. Visit the LSU Online website for more information.

Bachelor's Programs

Business Analytics

This program prepares students to gather, analyze, document, and monitor data to help streamline business processes and improve business products. Graduates from this program will be well-positioned to begin careers as data scientists, market research analysts, and business analysts.

Information Systems & Decision Science (ISDS)

The bachelor of ISDS is a 120-hour STEM-designated program with several learning objectives for students. Students will learn what it takes to support a successful analysis design and how to implement an IT project. They will also learn how to analyze facts, obtain user requirements, design a system meeting these requirements, and implement the system. Students need to communicate clearly and effectively in both writing and oral presentations and work effectively as a team leader. Ultimately, they will understand the role of database management systems and the principles of telecommunications design.

General Business with a concentration in Business Analytics

Focus on preparative, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics with a General Business degree with a concentration in Business Analytics will gain foundational business skills while acquiring technical competencies in data analytics. Employers often value students with a business analytical skills for their ability to break data into easily understood charts, graphs, and dashboards that allow stakeholders to take quick action. Career opportunities include management consultant, market research analyst, and business intelligence analyst.

General Business with a concentration in HR Management

This degree prepares graduates to contribute to a company's human resource management. Students will have the opportunity to learn quantitative and non-quantitative job evaluation methods, as well as gain an in-depth understanding of wage structure, incentive plans, employee compensation issues, and human resource policy implementation at an organization’s strategic level. Career opportunities include human resources manager, compensation analyst, or employee relations manager.

General Business with a concentration in Information Technology Management

Through this program, students will learn foundational business skills as well as gain an in-depth understanding of what information systems are and the role of information systems in organizations. Graduates of this program will be well-equipped for rewarding careers in management and will become capable users of information systems and technologies with the skills needed to effectively generate actionable insights from analyzing big data.

General Business with a concentration in Digital Marketing

This degree allows students to receive a broad understanding of business concepts while also concentrating on building skills to execute a digital marketing job. The program focuses on teaching students how to effectively use digital marketing tools, such as social media and search engine optimization, to increase outreach and expand clientele for businesses in all industries. Students that graduate from this program often move onto a career as a marketing account executive, brand manager, content marketing strategist, or media planner.

Marketing with a concentration in Digital Marketing

This degree equips students with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the in-demand progressions of digital and social media marketing. The concentration focuses on exposure to digital marketing content distribution platforms, such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.


Undergraduate Minors

Business Administration Minor

Gain a foundational business knowledge by focusing on accounting, economics, finance, and management.

Digital Marketing Minor

Explore marketing theory and gain practical insights necessary to navigate the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape, gaining e-commerce, marketing analytics, and social media expertise

Information Technology Minor

Learn technical competencies including principles, database querying, business programming, and cloud computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Masters Programs

Online MBA

The Flores Online MBA offers a comprehensive curriculum that strengthens leadership, management, and critical analysis skills. This degree is 36 hours meaning students can finish it in as few as 18 months. This MBA offers its curriculum in seven-week modules, and core classes include topics such as accounting, information systems, marketing, and supply-chain management. Emerging Technology and Data Analytics specializations are available through a preset list of electives.

MS Analytics

This degree’s curriculum prepares students for careers in the rapidly growing fields of business analytics and business intelligence. Students learn how to use state-of-the-art tools for data management, statistics, and data mining. The program emphasizes teamwork and communication skills. Projects focus on practical problems using data from real organizations. Students with backgrounds in business, economics, engineering, statistics, math, and computer science will benefit the most from this intensive 12-month program. An analytics specialization is available through the LSU E. J. Ourso College of Business’ LSU Flores MBA Program.

Online Master of Public Administration

An MPA is a versatile degree that prepares students for employment in the non-profit, public, and private sectors. Core courses include studies in economics, budgeting, finance, organizational behavior, data analytics, and human resource management. Graduates will leave the program with the ability to articulate and apply a public service perspective and interact productively with a diverse workforce and citizenry. Potential jobs include: public manager, public policy analyst, budget analyst, lobbyist, non-profit manager and more. Join a program noted for its job placement and strong alumni network.


Graduate Certificates

Data Analytics

This certificate allows professionals, scientists, and researchers to continue their education in the use of big data and provides credentials for having completed a set of related courses. Working professionals will also gain the skills needed to understand and use available technology to gain insights into data. The curriculum is taught online for seven weeks, and there are no prerequisites to the courses. Admission to the graduate school is required. We recommend that students take an introductory course in statistics and information systems before enrolling in the course sequence.

Emerging Information Technologies for Business

This graduate certificate equips learners with additional skills and knowledge required to drive key business strategies through information technology. The coursework focuses on cloud computing, Al strategy, policies, programs, and governance that organizations should use to stay relevant and the application of IT. Career opportunities associated with this degree include database administrator, AI/machine learning engineer, or cloud engineer.


Continuing Education Certificates

Accounting Advanced Topics

The Accounting Advanced Topic Specialist Certificate is for those who already have an accounting degree or relevant job experience but are looking for professional development through advanced training. The courses in this program are also valuable to gain additional credits needed for CPA licensure. Earn a digital badge upon completion.

Accounting Fundamentals

The Accounting Fundamentals Specialist Certificate is for people who need basic accounting skills, as needed in managing an office, operating a business, or seeking entry-level jobs in accounting that do not require an accounting degree. This program will also benefit professionals with a degree in a non-accounting field who want to progress into a leadership role, especially for those required to interpret financial data in making decisions. Earn a digital badge upon completion.


The Auditing Specialist Certificate provides the knowledge and skills for professionals who want to advance their career in this accounting specialization or who want to understand the indicators of fraud and how to prevent and detect it. The courses in the group are also beneficial for those seeking CPA eligibility. Earn a digital badge upon completion.

AWS Cloud Computing Certificate

Learn the characteristics, types, services, architectures, and applications of cloud computing, and learn how to contextualize and apply cloud principles in a wide range of industry settings. Students will leave this program with the skills necessary to understand cloud computing problems, architect solutions to those problems, and communicate those solutions effectively to clients, vendors, and others. Earn a digital badge upon completion.

AWS Cloud Practitioner

The decision to move into the cloud is more than an IT decision – it is a strategic decision for a firm to outsource key IT assets. As companies turn to cloud technologies to rapidly transform their organization, employees with the necessary cloud skills are in high demand. This skill is becoming increasingly requested by all business professionals across all industries. According to LinkedIn 2020 data, cloud computing is the second most requested hard skill companies need. Earn a digital badge upon completion.

AWS Solutions Architect

This program equips learners with a high-level understanding of cloud computing needed to sit for the AWS Solutions Architect certification exam, as well as earns students a unique digital badge upon completion. Learners will gain the skills needed to find and create solutions to various cloud computing problems and be able to communicate cloud-related information from the perspective of both the client and the vendor. Earn a digital badge upon completion.

Management and Leadership Series

Managing teams that are highly productive require such skills as collaboration, conflict resolution, self-awareness, and building strategic relationships and networks. Developed from our highly successful Fundamentals of Supervision course, these modules will assist in training on topics including Enhancing Employee Performance, How to Build Effective Teams, Motivating Your Team, Personality & Leadership, Positive Conflict Resolution, and Thinking & Acting Like a Manager. Earn a digital badge upon completion.