10 Reasons to Take a Summer School Course

January 19, 2024

For many, summer is a time to break from school to vacation, recharge, and return home to friends and family. But it can also be a time of productivity for college students, those thinking about going to college, or those looking to re-skill in a particular area.  

Unlike in high school where summer school is seen as remedial, taking courses in college is a great way to get ahead and stay on the path to graduation.   

10 reasons to think about taking a college class over the summer:  

  1. Graduate on time
    The sooner you graduate, the sooner you are launched into your career where you will get dollars in your pocket! So, enroll in summer classes to have the potential to graduate early or the ability to graduate on time. As you knock out some of your classes in the summer, you will spring ahead in your degree requirements. 
  2. Choose in-person or online summer classes 
    LSU offers many courses through both in-person and online formats. Whether you will be in Baton Rouge or not, there is an option for you. Explore LSU course offerings to plan your schedule for summer. 
  3. Only spend part of the summer taking classes 
    Summer school courses are split into three different modules. There are two five-week sessions and one full summer option. Make your own schedule and find a module that allows you to gain credits while also leaving time for work or play in the summer!
  4. Gain new experiences that can boost your competitiveness for the future 
    Summer is a great time to enroll in a study abroad program for course credit. Fulfill academic commitments and vacation at the same time! Also, summer internships are another way to boost your competitive edge while potentially getting paid. 
  5. Focus on one class at a time
    During fall and spring terms, it is often overwhelming to take a full class load plus balance all of the other obligations that encompass student life. This summer, take one class to dial in and achieve your dream grade with less on your plate. You will have the time to give your more difficult classes your best work. 
  6. Explore an interesting subject
    Summer school is a great time to discover classes that fascinate you in order to get the most out of your education. Take a photography class, art class, or other interesting course to count toward your degree requirements.
  7. Catch up on credits or take prerequisites
    Retaking a class in the summer is a smart decision. This prevents falling behind in completing the credits that are necessary. Many degree programs have a very ordered pathway and missing a specific course could set you back a term. Summer is the perfect time to take those prerequisites or required classes in your major. 
  8. Thrive in smaller class environments 
    Fewer students are enrolled in summer classes than courses during the school year. With less students per class, it allows for connection with peers and teachers alike, leading to an optimal learning experience. 
  9. Get into in-demand classes
    Enroll in an in-demand class, such as ENGL 2000 or PHYS 2001, that you missed out on this year. Perhaps you missed out on that class because you were on a waitlist or you didn’t have enough time to add to your schedule. 
  10. Participate in research 
    Research faculty are eager to help students explore a summer undergraduate research program. Participation can occur as a paid position, course credit, scholarship, honors theses, or on a volunteer basis. 
    Participating in undergraduate research at LSU can also lead to receiving the LSU Distinguished Research distinction!