In everything we do, we bring the energy.

Process technology students at River Parishes Community College

Partnering to Double Louisiana’s Energy Workforce

LSU’s energy team, called FUEL, works to help double the state’s current energy workforce, including by enabling Louisiana’s community and technical colleges to invest in people and programs that are closely aligned with industry needs.

Engineers at Baker Hughes

Why Industry Joined LSU’s FUEL Team

Learn why industry leaders Shell, ExxonMobil, and Baker Hughes joined LSU’s winning team to help secure $160M in federal funding for energy economic development in Louisiana.


LSU-led Team Wins Largest Grant Ever Awarded by National Science Foundation

A statewide effort led by LSU with more than 50 partners has won the largest and most competitive grant ever awarded by the U.S. National Science Foundation—up to $160 million over the next 10 years.

Lee Stockwell

Securing Louisiana’s Energy Future

LSU petroleum engineering alumnus Lee Stockwell leads carbon capture and storage at Shell, shaping the nationwide development of one of the premier technologies for the ongoing transition toward energy sustainability for the world.

LSU energy transition campus footprint

Enabling Energy Development Through Demonstration

LSU momentum in energy R&D sparks a bold approach to advance talent and technology.

Home in Houma, but at what price?

Making Homes More Resilient and Affordable

LSU AgCenter’s LaHouse partners with builders and policymakers to protect residents and lower insurance costs.

AI-generated art of data streams in water

Better Storm Surge and Flood Predictions Enabled by AI

The LSU tool to predict storm surge and flooding during severe weather events—the CERA website—serves thousands of emergency managers and first responders to help protect people and infrastructure. Now, the tool will become even smarter and faster, thanks to artificial intelligence, or AI.

AI-generated art of data in chemical manufacturing

Chemical Industry Leader BASF Taps LSU to Create “Soft Sensors” Using AI

BASF, the largest chemical producer in the world, is collaborating with LSU chemical engineers to better understand and predict its own production ebbs and flows using artificial intelligence, or AI.

Jyotsna Sharma

Cutting-Edge Technologies Safeguard Old and New Energy Sources

Merging multiple new technologies, LSU petroleum engineer and professor Jyotsna Sharma is collaborating with industry to make Louisiana’s oil and gas production safer and more sustainable.

John “Cal” Hendershot

“We Can Use Carbon Dioxide From the Air Instead of Fossil Fuels”

LSU chemical engineering student John “Cal” Hendershot develops solutions for Louisiana’s chemical companies, which are closely tied to oil and gas, to allow them to stay true to 2050 carbon neutrality commitments but remain operational and profitable along the way.

Artificial photosynthesis

Our Next Renewable Energy Source Could Be an Artificial Leaf

LSU researchers are exploring new ways to use the oldest energy source on our planet—sunlight—to create truly green energy on demand.

Ships at Port Fourchon

Expanding Protection of Port Fourchon, Louisiana’s Energy Industry Hub

Port Fourchon in Lafourche Parish serves 90% of the Gulf of Mexico’s deepwater oil and gas activities, housing at least 250 companies.

Christine Wiley

Power Students Gain Industry Experience and Expertise in the LSU Classroom, Through Partnership With Entergy

Since 2019, LSU professors have collaborated with Entergy on shaping the university curriculum, including hands-on labs, to make sure electrical engineering graduates are competitive in the increasingly complex power engineering field.

Average rent increases, parish by parish

Tackling the Hidden Cost of Energy for Truly Affordable Housing

LSU develops energy-efficient construction solutions to help lower housing costs.

Shahab Mehraeen

Entergy Invests $1M in Renewable Energy Integration R&D Partnership with LSU

LSU and Entergy have developed a sustained research relationship over the past decade as the electric utility giant continues to tackle new challenges related to the integration of renewable energy into the existing power grid.