NMR instruments

NMR Facility

The NMR Facility at Louisiana State University houses four high-resolution solution-state spectrometers, one solid-state spectrometer, and one dual solid/solution-NMR spectrometer.

The NMR Facility added a Bruker Avance Neo 700 MHz spectrometer with a solution and solid-state NMR capabilities in the summer of 2021.  The 700 MHz spectrometer is equipped with TCI Cryo-probe for solution-NMR and 3.2- and 0.7-mm HCN MAS probes for solid-state NMR applications. The 700 MHz is dedicated mainly to biomolecular NMR work in solution and solid-state. Another instrument used primarily for extended experiments, biomolecules, and diluted samples is our Bruker AVIII-HD 500 MHz spectrometer with a liquid nitrogen-cooled Prodigy TCI (HCN) probe.  The three high-resolution, solution-state 400 MHz spectrometers (AV-400, AVIII-HD-400 with two channels, and AVIII-HD-400 with three channels) are used primarily for short experiments on a walk-up basis. The solid-state instrument is a 3-channel Bruker AV-400 with a wide-bore magnet.  It is equipped with 2.5 mm and 4 mm HXY MAS probes for studying biomolecules and materials in the solid-state and a 5 mm Diff60 solution state probe for diffusion studies in the solution-state.

All spectrometers are controlled by Linux workstations and networked to facilitate data transfer to an investigator’s personal computer for offline data processing. The facility also has several workstations for online and offline data processing.

The NMR facility mainly serves the Department of Chemistry at LSU and provides NMR services to research groups in other departments at LSU and other academic and non-academic institutions outside LSU-in Louisiana and beyond. Please contact us (nmr@lsu.edu) if you have questions regarding NMR at LSU.