Research Bootcamp

During the first month of the program, scholars will become familiar with the campus and cultivate essential research skills by engaging in various workshops. These workshops will cover a range of topics, including evolution, molecular laboratory techniques, computer literacy, professional skills, and more.

Research Project

Following the bootcamp, scholars will transition into roles as independent researchers within a lab at LSU. They will work under the guidance of an LSU mentor to formulate and develop their research projects. Additionally, each scholar will receive support from a co-mentor affiliated with a partnered university.

The scholar, mentor, and co-mentor, all representing the research units, will collaborate to create quarterly reports. These reports will serve as valuable tools for planning, monitoring, and evaluating the scholar's individual research objectives. By utilizing these reports, scholars will be able to effectively chart the course of their projects and enhance their professional skillsets.

Other Activities

The program will include a series of enriching activities and events, including:

Bioinformatics Workshop: Dr. April Wright from Southeastern Louisiana University will lead this workshop, providing scholars with valuable insights into the field of bioinformatics.

STEM Conferences and Workshops: Scholars will have the opportunity to participate in various STEM events, such as the Evolution 2024 conference and NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) workshop, as well as attend departmental and museum seminars. These events will offer exposure to cutting-edge research, professional development opportunities and meet other researchers in their area. 

Field Trips: Excursions to diverse locations, such as the longleaf pine savanna and the Oyster Research Lab at Grand Isle, will provide hands-on learning experiences and insights into local ecosystems.

Weekend Retreat at Kisatchie National Forest: A weekend retreat at Kisatchie National Forest will offer scholars a chance to connect with nature, relax, and foster a sense of community.

Weekly Skill Enhancement Sessions: Regular weekly sessions will cover a wide range of skills, including programming, strategies for applying to graduate school, CV refinement, personal statement development, and active participation in a journal club. These sessions will help scholars continually improve their expertise and proficiency in these crucial areas.

End-of-Program Research Conference: To conclude the program, scholars will present their research findings at LSU. This conference will provide a platform for scholars to showcase their accomplishments and share their research with the academic community.

These activities and events are designed to offer scholars a comprehensive and well-rounded experience throughout the program, fostering both academic and personal growth.


Scholars visit herbarium

Cohort 2023-2024 visiting the Herbarium. Photo credit: Dr. Laura Lagomarsino

Scholars creating a phylogeny.

Scholars from cohort 2023-2024 creating a phylogeny

Scholars visit bluebonnet swamp

Scholars from cohort 2023-2024 experience the first baby alligator at Bluebonnet Swamp