President Tate's Scholarship First Agenda 



LSU’s commitment to sustaining and supporting the agriculture economy of Louisiana is the common thread that defines our past and reimagines our future. Designated as Louisiana’s first land-grant university in 1877, LSU is charged with advancing the lives of Louisianans through teaching, research, and outreach. The revitalization of the LSU agricultural enterprise will be centered in the pursuit of industry-shaping discoveries and solutions to problems that are limiting innovation and threatening the stability of this crucial industry. 


Our continuously growing world population and changing environmental conditions demand that we increase and optimize our food and fiber production. The key lies in education and research to refine existing technologies and develop new tools, methods, and crop varieties.

LSU’s agriculture enterprise also plays a critical role in achieving cleaner water and air, sustainable forests, a stable coastlines, and vibrant ecosystems that protect the livelihoods and traditions that make Louisiana like no other state.  


LSU will merge traditional practices in agriculture with advancing technology and modern tools to:

  • Improve outcomes for all Louisiana farmers 
  • Ensure food security for every person in Louisiana 
  • Establish LSU Ag Center and College of Agriculture as one of top 5 in the nation 


Agricultural Research in Action

Through the Scholarship First Agenda, LSU seeks to secure Louisiana’s future and create solutions essential to the future of agriculture, biomedicine, the coast, defense, and energy.

Gustavo Ferreira, a U.S. Army major with a doctorate in agricultural economics from LSU, is helping military decision-makers gain insight into how agriculture-related issues can affect military actions across the globe.

The LSU Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA) Academic Bowl team achieved a remarkable double victory at the 2023 Annual National Competition in Washington, D.C.

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LSU has aligned core areas of strength and potential strength with Louisiana’s most important challenges and opportunities.