Business Residential College

First-year students with a major in the E.J. Ourso College of Business can live in West Hall and take classes with the same group of peers, creating a smaller network within the larger LSU campus from day one. 

As part of the E. J. Ourso College’s “Finish in Four” effort, residents of the Business Residential College receive special assistance to ensure that they complete their bachelor’s degrees in four years.


West Hall

West Hall provides everything students need to be successful: offices where E. J. Ourso College of Business advisors and BRC faculty hold office hours, two classrooms, multiple study spaces, outdoor courtyards, and modern two-student, suite-bathroom style rooms in a great location on the west side of campus near the Five dining hall and athletic venues. 

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To participate in the Business Residential College, you must:

  • Be a first-year student with a declared major in the College of Business
  • Enroll in at least two BRC reserved courses in both the fall and spring semesters
    • In the fall semester, BRC students are required to enroll in the BRC sections of GBUS 1000 and MATH (either 1021 or 1431), ISDS 1102 (if eligible) or ENGL 1001, if they do not receive incoming credit for it. Additionally, space in various GEN ED required courses will be available for selection.
    • In the spring semester, BRC students must select the BRC section of ACCT 2001 and one other reserved course of the student’s choice. Additionally, MATH 1431 should be taken by those who did not complete it in the fall semester and ECON 2000, ISDS 1102, and/or ISDS 2000 are recommended.

College of Business majors: Accounting (ACCT), Business Analytics (BUSAN), Economics (ECONS), Entrepreneurship (ENTR), Finance (FIN), General Business (GBUS), Information Systems & Decision Sciences (ISDS), International Trade & Finance (ITF), Management (MGT), Marketing (MKT)

  • Priority course scheduling
  • Reserved spaces in courses
  • Some courses taught in West Hall
  • Exclusive access to business related programming, hands-on activities, and tours
  • Easily make new connections by living and learning with a core group of peers
  • Hear from industry leaders and business professionals at several special-interest lectures and workshops
  • Network with faculty members and college administrators
  • Access to in-community tutoring and faculty office hours
  • Faculty and staff hold office hours and review sessions inside Blake Hall
  • Live close to the athletic venues and The Five dining hall

During the admitted-student housing application process, select the Business Residential College as your preferred housing option.

You'll receive notice of acceptance into the living-learning program by the spring, and then you can begin searching for and matching with potential roommates. 

For Business Residential College eligibility information, view the requirements above or contact BRC staff listed below. 

For housing application and room assignment information, please contact Residential Life at

laurene headshot

Laurene Hutchinson
Business Res College Rector
College of Business


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Janice Holmes
Business Res College Associate Rector
College of Business

zach headshot

Zach Camerino
West Hall 
Residence Coordinator 
Department of Residential Life