Zachary Camerino

Residence Coordinator

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Why I do the work that I do is because college can be a very confusing and, at times, a stressful part of a student’s life. This is also a time when they have the opportunity to really learn more about themselves as a student but as a person.  

I want to be someone on this campus whom a student can identify as someone who has been able to them through this experience holistically. 


I had a great experience in college and I want to ensure that our current students also get a similarly great experience. -Zachary

My favorites

Favorite Podcast - The Pat McAfee Show 2.0
Favorite Movie - Inception
Favorite TV Show - Breaking Bad

If I didn't have this job, what would I do?

High School Band Director

One thing first-year students should know

How important student involvement is and how it can impact the overall student experience and their success


MEd, Western Carolina University
BA, Catawba College

Contact Zachary 
110 East Hall