Laboratory Safety Training Matrix

Laboratories are an integral part of Louisiana State University’s educational mission and provide valuable scientific and engineering research. Laboratories also present a variety of health and safety hazards that must be identified and controlled to minimize the risk of injury, illness or accidents. The protection of employees, students and visitors working in laboratories on the LSU Campus is of paramount importance. In order to maintain that protection, the Office of Environmental Health and Safety provides assistance, training, and oversight to ensure safety and regulatory compliance for all uses of laboratory equipment and hazardous chemicals.  The key to the laboratory safety program is training.  All laboratory personnel are required to take safety training.

The Training Matrix provides a general guide for selection of required training.  The matrix defines the worker type and general types of training required based on job function.  A Safety Training Checklist is used in conjunction with the matrix to further define training topics and frequency of the training.  The checklist can also be used by aresearcher to document completion of the required training. EHS also provides a web based training package for laboratory safety that works in conjunction with the EHS Assistant and Laboratory Assessment Tool to meet the regulatory based training requirements