Online Laboratory Safety Training

The LSU web based training package for laboratory safety works in conjunction with the EHS Assistant to meet the regulatory based training requirements. Training is assigned on the basis of job function as described below.   You and your PI can see both your historical training and your future requirements in the EHSA.  A PAWS ID is required to access the training.  

 Access the Lab Safety Training


The Training Matrix provides an overall guide for selection of required training. Please note, that not every training course is required for every person.   All laboratory personnel are required to take the general safety training.  If you work in an area that has biologicals, chemicals, or physical processes, then you are laboratory worker and must take the general training.  Computer-only-work is exempt from the training. If you have the potential to work with hazardous chemicals, you need to take the additional chemical safety training.  If you work with biological materials, you must take the basic bio-safety training.  If you work in a BL2 or BL3 lab there is an additional training required which will be assigned by your research director.

All training needs to be repeated on a yearly basis.

All lab workers (including undergrad students) must take the general laboratory safety modules:

  • Basic Laboratory Safety Training
  • Hazard Communication
  • Emergency Response Training

All lab workers that create or handle Hazardous Materials must take:

  • Hazardous Waste Training

All lab workers that handle gas cylinders are required to take:

  • Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Training

Chemists and Chemical Engineers are required to take the chemical safety modules:

  • Chemical Safety

All biological lab workers (including student workers) are required to take:

  • Basic Bio-safety

Anybody with potential for exposure to Blood or Blood-borne Pathogens must take:

  • Blood-borne Pathogens

Additional biological training is required for BL2  work:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Bio Security
  • Biosafety Cabinets

Anybody working with rDNA:

  • NIH Guidelines

The respiratory protection modules are needed for BL3 work:

  • N95 Use
  • PAPR Use

Repeat Users of the Training Section

Due to security requirements, you have to be a member of the LSU community to take the training.  You must enter your PAWS information to go to the log-in page.  Once at the home, just enter your name.  If you are in the system, will be asked to confirm your PI and then the course selection page will show.  Select and complete the required courses.

 First Time Users of the Training Section

 If the system does not recognize you, then you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name 
  • 89 number 
  • LSU E-mail
  • Researcher - Select your PI from the department pick list.  If not assigned a PI or taking the course as a class requirement, select the appropriate Department.
  • School/College - May be skipped if unknown, otherwise select form the picklist
  • Department - May be skipped if unknown, otherwise select form the picklist
  • Position - Required.  Choose from the pick list the position that best fits. If you are a student worker and working in a lab, then you are a student worker,  If you are taking the training as a class requirement, the your position is class requirement.
  • Office phone - not required.
  • Fax - not required.
  • Mailing Address - not required