Become a Leader

At LSU, we believe every student has the potential to lead. Unlock your potential through collaborative programs, workshops, and student organizations committed to your leadership development.


Leadership LSU

develop and apply your skills

Gain practical leadership skills alongside other students through workshops and hands-on opportunities in this transformative 11-week cohort program designed for upperclassmen.

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For Emerging Leaders

Leaders Start Here.

If you are a first-year student looking to build your leadership, the Beyond Leadership fall cohort is the place to start. 
Specifically designed for first-year students, this 10-week cohort-based program focused on building leaders beyond a title and developing leadership skills that you will utilize beyond your time at LSU.

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Personalized Coaching & Group Training

Identify and develop your unique strengths through one-on-one coaching and get customized training to help your team develop into transformative leaders. From new students looking to leave their mark to executive boards working through conflict, we look forward to helping you unleash your potential.

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Clubs & Organizations

Joining organizations serves as a valuable avenue to cultivate and enhance leadership skills. Academic, professional and volunteer organizations can offer a space where students can participate in various activities, workshops, and collaborative projects, providing hands-on experiences that foster leadership development. Additionally, involvement in these groups encourages networking with peers, faculty, and professionals, building essential interpersonal and communication skills. 

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Tom Dutton Award

Do you know someone with a passion for serving the purple and gold community? Each year, Campus Life receives nominations for exemplary students that fit the criteria of the award, and selects up to 10 candidates to be honored with the scholarship. The scholarships are up to $500.

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