SUMMER Research Programs for UnderGraduates

Did you know that you can participate in undergraduate research in the summer? And qualify for scholarships to do such research in the summer?

The LSU Discover Undergraduate Research program supports student participation in faculty-mentored research and professional-level activities.

LSU Discover considers undergraduate research to be those activities in which a student works on a creative or research project under the mentor-ship of a faculty member or researcher. Participation in undergraduate research can occur in one of many different modes including: paid positions,  for course credit (typically independent studies or special problems courses), scholarship opportunities, honors theses, or as volunteers.

UG Research FAQ

Check out this webpage from LSU Discover that details what undergraduate research is and why you should partake in it!

Check out the LSU Discover webpage to schedule a 1:1 meeting, to talk with research ambassador students, or to email with questions. 

Yes, check out the following links for the three Summer Programs put on by LSU Discover:

Gulf Scholars Program

Special Collections Project Grant

LSU Discover Project Grant

Each of these programs offers the possibility of funding. Check the websites for eligibility and deadlines.  

Yes! Each of their summer programs offers the possibility of funding - up to $3,000. Check the websites above for eligibility and deadlines. 

There are also funding opportunities available for the fall and spring!

Check out LSU Discover for more information. 

picture of Cailyn Lee doing an experiment

Cailyn Lee

Department: Biological Sciences
Mentor: Dr. Joomyeong Kim
Research Title: DNA Methylation of PEG3 in Breast and Ovarian Cancer Cells