Geology & Geophysics Lecture Series

Special lectures are hosted by the department to help expand student's access to a wide range of topics and distinguished academics. Financial support for the lecture series is provided by the LJ Wilbert Endowment, Grover E. Murray Educational Fund, and the Marathon Oil Distinguished Speaker Series Fund.

All lectures will take place on Fridays at 3:30 p.m. in E137 Howe-Russell-Kniffen unless otherwise noted. Coffee and cookies are served before lectures at 3:15 in the Clarence Cazalot Marathon Oil Atrium.

Spring 2022 Schedule

Date Lecture Topic Speaker Faculty Host
Jan. 21 "Tales from the Mississippi River source-to-sink system:  Tectonic, climatic, and anthropogenic influences Miocene to Anthropocene" Sam Bentley
Carol Wilson
Jan. 28 "Assessing long-term wellbore integrity using reactive transport modeling" Ipsita Gupta
Phil Bart
Feb. 4 "New Insights from a Young Ocean Basin: Overview of Drilling Results from IODP Expedition 385, Guaymas Basin, Mexico with a Focus on Current and Future Studies of the Basin Sedimentary Record " Kathleen Marsaglia
Peter Clift
Feb. 11 "Improving detrital zircon as a provenance tool through grain size analysis and quantitative sedimentology" Ryan Leary
Adam Forte
Feb. 18 "Geophysical applications in the search for the grave of the notorious hanged killer, William (Wild Bill) Longley" Brooks Ellwood
Feb 25 "Applied Sedimentology: Tales from the Dark Side" Clare Falcon
Carol Wilson/Jon Snow
Mar. 4 "Mapping Geological Hazards Using Satellite Remote Sensing" Chunli Dai
Karen Luttrell
Mar. 11 "What lies beneath? Using sub-ice archives to assess Holocene (in)stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet " Ryan Venturelli
Phil Bart
Mar. 25 "How, How Fast, How Big will the Volcano Erupt?: Deciphering Magma Transport, Unrest, and Eruption using Transdisciplinary Approaches" Mattia Pistone
Barbara Dutrow
Apr. 8 "Late Quaternary Fluvial-Deltaic Evolution along the Northern and Western Gulf of Mexico shelves" Davin Wallace
Peter Clift
Apr. 22 "Coupling Geoethics to Sustainability"

Maria Capello
AAPG Distinguished Lecturer

*This presentation offered entirely online - click here for Zoom Meeting Access

Peter Clift
Apr. 29 "Lithospheric structure and tectonics of Texas: 1.2 billion years of plate interactions involving southern Laurentia and their consequences" Jay Pulliam
Baylor University
Patricia Persaud
May 6 TBD

Robert Mahon


Adam Forte