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AAPG Student Chapter

What is the AAPG?

The AAPG is an organization for geoscientists interested not just in petroleum geology, but in advancing geologic and scientific research as a whole. The AAPG Student Chapter at LSU is classified is a professional organization.

Who can join?

Student membership in the AAPG is open undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Geology or related fields, such as Petroleum Engineering and Coastal Studies.

Why join?

Membership in professional organizations is an excellent way to meet people and build a professional network, gain access to publications and data, and become eligible for awards and grants. The student chapter at LSU supports visiting lecturers in the Geology Department, assists in campus outreach events, and plans educational but always fun field trips. 

How much does it cost to join?

AAPG Student Memberships are free! Corporate sponsors will underwrite the cost of your student membership (which is otherwise a reasonable $20/year).

How do I join?

It’s easy…fill out a membership application, attach a copy of your student ID, and turn it in to the Geology Department Office.

Want to know more?

Contact 2020 - 2021 elected LSU AAPG Student Chapter officers:

Allison Barbato

Vice President
Tiffany Nordstrom

Colby Knight

Social Chair
Jeff Duxbury

Joses Omojola