Coupled Computer Modeling Can Help More Accurately Predict Coastal Flooding, Study Demonstrates

December 05, 2022

A man sits in front of a computer with a model on its screen

Z. George Xue says this current coupled model represents a new stage in an idea he's been working on for almost twenty years.

Z. George Xue and his fellow LSU researchers used a unique novel coupled computer modeling approach to accurately recreate the coastal flooding that occurred during Hurricane Florence, demonstrating their technique produces better results than traditional modeling approaches.

Xue said this breakthrough coupled modeling technique could provide short- and long-term benefits to communities. “Our model can identify which region is most vulnerable in terms of compound flooding and provide not only short-term forecasts but also scenario analysis regarding future climate and sea level conditions."

Improved understanding and prediction of extreme weather, such as hurricanes and coastal floods, is just one result of the world class research being conducted at the College of the Coast & Environment, where scientists and students work together to find news ways of preserving, protecting and sustaining the coastal environment for future generations.

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