'Instead of Using Fossil Fuels, We Can Use Carbon Dioxide from the Air to Make Valuable Products'

April 06, 2022

President Tate speaks at press conference

Cal Hendershot’s and LSU Professor John Flake’s technology could significantly reduce the state’s carbon footprint while helping Louisiana’s chemical industry turn a waste product into a valuable resource.


Cal Hendershot is working toward a Ph.D. in chemical engineering at LSU, but with an eye on economics. His research focuses on solutions for chemical companies, closely tied to oil and gas, to allow them to stay true to 2050 carbon neutrality commitments but remain operational and profitable along the way.

“Energy is the major challenge facing our time,” Hendershot said. “Just like we needed to develop new technologies to bring about the agricultural revolution in the 1960s to have enough food for everyone on our planet, something like that needs to happen now for energy, and I want to be part of that.”

LSU is translating existing resources and expertise into new opportunities and jobs to power Louisiana and protect the vitality of Louisiana’s energy industry. 

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