Condensed Matter - Materials Science


Condensed Matter - Materials Sciencecondensed matter experiment

Faculty (Experimental):

The condensed matter/material science physics group synthesizes, characterizes, and investigates a wide variety of materials in bulk crystals, thin films, and nanoscale structures. Experimental research in the properties of superconductors, magnetic materials, heavy fermion systems, intermetalics, reduced dimensionality systems, and other new compounds is carried out both using the state of the art in-house facilities, and in collaboration with national laboratories and institutes. Our faculty take advantage of the LSU's own synchrotron light source at Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices (CAMD). For more information, please, look at individual faculty webpages.

Faculty (Theoretical):

Visualization of condensed theory

Our theorists study a wide variety of novel electronic systems. They carry out detailed calculations of the electronic structure of the compounds created by the experimentalists, and analyze the behavior of the superconducting and magnetic systems under experimentally relevant conditions, Recent areas of interests include quantum critical phenomena, novel materials such as graphene and non-centrosymmetric metals, and condensates of cold atomic gases. For details, please, see individual faculty webpages.