MEDP Current Graduate Students

2021 Matriculated Students

2021 new MEDP students
From left to right: Rachael Blair, Hunter Meyer, Grant Debevec, Chole DiTusa, Richard Lesieur, and Lam Lay.


2020 Matriculated Students

2020 group photo
From left to right: Bryce Smith, Sydney Carr, Nousha Afsharl, lacey Medlock, Maxwell Cole, Kai-Cheng Chuang, and James Crist. 
Yao Zeng

 2019 Matriculated Students

2019 group photo
From left to right: Michael Taylor, Michael McMahon, Charles Zimmerman, Elizabeth Park, and Reagan Dugan.


2018 Matriculated Students

2018 group photo
From left to right: Jared Taylor, Michael Stock, China-Lung Chien, Ana Dieguz, Megan Chesal, Maryam Naseri, Joseph Scotto, and Ivan Hidrovo Giler