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We need specialists with the temperament to build authentic relationships and foster trust in a short period. We need radically compassionate nurturers who can remember how hard the job of a teacher was, and can acknowledge how much harder it is today. We want service leaders that may have survived and thrived in a “sink or swim” and “suck it up” educational environment, but who recognize the need to break that cycle. We want educators that recognize that individualizing instruction to each student in order to meet them where they are is not enough; we need to individualize our professional development for teachers and leaders in the same way. We want people who believe we can do better and who want to be a part of this solution. If this describes your educational philosophy, then WE NEED YOU!

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West Baton Rouge Focus Groups

LDI staff have been facilitating monthly leadership development sessions with K-12 educators from West Baton Rouge Parish since October 2021. The school district chooses a new LADDER disposition that best aligns with its goals each month. These workshops have proven effective and impactful in the professionals and personal lives of each participant. They have all gained a better sense of self-awareness and LDI real-world training have equipped them with practical approaches to coping with daily stressors.

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