Study Abroad Benefits

There are many advantages to investing in your student's study abroad program:

Personal and Academic Growth

Study abroad/away programs are the perfect catalyst for individual growth. Studies show that students who study abroad/away have higher graduation rates and higher GPAs than those who do not. Students who participate in our programs have a great opportunity to increase their self-reliance and confidence.

Personal Development Percentage
Increased self-confidence 96%
Increased maturity 97%
Better understanding of cultural values and biases 98%


Results from More Is Better: The Impact of Study Abroad Program Duration.

Make Lifelong Friends and Connections

LSU students have made lifelong friends worldwide while participating in APA programs and exchanges. Not only do these friends offer new perspectives on life, but they often offer a place to stay/visit when traveling in the future: lifelong travel buddies!

Invest in a Future Career

Foreign and domestic study experience is viewed positively by HR and senior management. With only 2% of the US population studying abroad, this experience sets job candidates apart from the competition. To an employer, these students are self-motivated, independent, willing to embrace challenges, and able to cope with diverse people and situations. In fact, employers believe that the longer the program, the more value it has; and second, they place high value on experiential learning—on programs that feature service learning and, especially, internship opportunities.

Study Topics and Subjects Not Taught on LSU's Campus

Despite a wide range of classroom courses on-campus, LSU doesn't offer everything. An exchange at a foreign or domestic university allows for experiential learning, like courses on glacier backpacking, Hawaiian volcanoes, Aboriginal history, or food and wine in Italy. Additionally, LSU faculty-led programs offer courses not available at the Baton Rouge campus, with opportunities to use the surrounding environment as the classroom!

Learn and Master a New Languagelanguages

The most effective way to learn a language is to be immersed in it. Your student's daily interactions and conversations will expose proper context, grammar, and usage. Eventually, your student will think and dream in another language! Only 6% of the world's population speaks English as their first language. Being bilingual is a life and job skill that is in high demand!

Explore Possible Venues for Graduate School

The best way to learn about something is to do it yourself. Your student can preview a graduate school before they apply. APA has exchanges and programs with almost 400 partners worldwide. This includes 180+ partners in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and Guam, and over 190 universities through international ISEP and bilateral partners. APA's faculty-led programs likewise tour and visit international and domestic universities as part of courses taught by LSU faculty.