Risk Management for Faculty

The safety of the students and faculty on our short-term programs is APA's top priority. While no short-term program can guarantee safety for any participant, we have taken steps to ensure that our students and faculty are as safe as possible while participating in our programs.

Travel Warnings and Program Development

Teaching Experience in Chile

LSU monitors U.S. Department of State travel warnings. To mitigate the risk associated with travel, the university requires that all travel to countries and/or regions for which the U.S. Department of State has issued a travel warning be reviewed and approved by the International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC). Detailed information on the university's policy on travel to high risk areas can be found in FASOP AS-18.

Any faculty member or student who intends to travel to an area for which a travel warning has been issued must first have the travel approved by the ITOC.

The request forms are as follows:

AS295 - Request for Travel to Restricted Regions for Individual Travelers (students or faculty)

AS296 - Request for Travel to Restricted Regions for Student Study Trips

On Call

The nature of short-term domestic and international travel is that emergencies and questions may come up outside of LSU's working hours. Because we realize that emergencies can occur at any time, LSU has contracted with On Call to provide medical and emergency services. They can be reached at www.oncallinternational.com or 603-328-6396.

Risk Management

All faculty participating in APA-sponsored programs are required to attend annual risk management training sessions. These sessions use case studies culled from real-life experiences from different study abroad programs. (Note: Not all the case studies come from LSU-run programs.) The risk management training is designed to familiarize faculty with best practices for mitigating risk before the start of their programs and for managing emergencies and disciplinary procedures that may arise during the program. The materials presented at the orientation are derived from best-practices materials provided by NAFSA and The Forum.

Forms to Use While Abroad

  • Waiver for Weekend Travel: Have students fill out this form if they are traveling on weekend(s) away from the town where the group is residing; forms should be filled out and returned to the Program Director before the students leave for the weekend.
  • Disciplinary Report Form: To be filled out any time a student is issued a first, second, or third degree disciplinary action. The form should be submitted directly to Academic Programs Abroad.
  • Illness Report Form: To be filled out any time a program participant is injured or gets sick. Completed forms should be sent to Academic Programs Abroad.