The Department is home to approximately 800 undergraduate majors and over 40 graduate students. They study with 26 faculty who are well known scholars in various fields and who are amongst the most honored teachers at this university. We provide a vibrant place to study and a perfect place to prepare for a career in a variety of fields.

Faculty Highlights

Congratulations to Dr. Joshua Darr, named one of the 2022 Andrew Carnegie Fellows

Congratulations to Dr. Nichole Bauer Named LSU Emerging Scholar Rainmaker

The Department of Political Science is excited to welcome Emily Rains and Brian Hamel to LSU! Dr. Rains and Dr. Hamel joined our department as full-time faculty in the Fall of 2021.

Graduate Highlights

Graduate student, Cana Kim, has been awarded an LSU Dissertation Fellowship for the Academic Year 2022-2023 for her dissertation titled, "Foreign State Images and Public Opinion toward Public Policy."


Academic Counseling

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Political Science Major Requirements

  • 33 hours of political science courses
    • At least 18 of them 3000 or above
    • POLI 2051 American Government;Plus one course (any course) each in the three other fields
      • Comparative Politics;
      • International Politics
      • Political Theory