Graduate Students

EAEmmanuel Adeniyi - MS Student 
B.S. Surveying & Geoinformatics, Federal University of Technology Akure
Advisor: Dr. Lei Wang
GIS, Hydrography, Cartography, Mapping

Kane AguilaKane Aguila- MA Student
B.A. Anthropology, LSU
Advisor: Dr. Helen Regis

AlvarengaGiuliani Alvarenga - MA Student
B.A. English and Gender & Women's Studies, University of California, Berkeley
Advisor: Dr. Joyce Jackson

Kane Aguila Basant Awasthi - PhD Student
B.S. Geomatics, Kathmandu University
Advisor: Dr. Xuelian Meng

Kane AguilaKelsey Bagwell - PhD Student
B.A. Anthropology, Mississippi State University
M.A. Anthropology, Georgia State University
Advisor: Dr. Robert Tague

BelangerAlexander Belanger - PhD Student
B.S. Anthropology, Eastern Michigan University
B.S. Sociology, Eastern Michigan University
MSc Human Osteology and Paleopathology, University of Bradford (United Kingdom)
Advisor: Dr. Juliet Brophy
Bioarcheology, Skeletal Biology, Human Osteology, Paleopathology, Prehistoric and historic artifact analysis, Human health and illness studies, Kinship patterns, social organizations 

Krista BennetKrista Bennett - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.A. Psychology, B.A. Anthropology, University of North Texas
M.A. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Ginesse Listi
Forensic Anthropology, Skeletal Trauma, Osteology

Kane AguilaGabriella Boodhoo - MS Student
B.A. Anthropology, University of Central Florida
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim

Charles CananCharles Canan - PhD Student
A.S. Emergency Medical Services, Nicholls State University
B.S. Allied Health - Professional Practice, Nicholls State University
M.S. Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Arkansas Tech University 
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
Disaster sciences; interests include physical geography, hydrology, and geomorphology 

CerquoneAlicia Cerquone - MS Student
B.S. Geography, SUNY, Geneseo
Advisor: Dr. Michael Leitner
GIS, impact of social infrastructure on crime, racial capitalism and urban decay

Reilly CorkranReilly Corkran - MS Student
B.S. Geography, Georgia Southern University
Advisor: Dr. Jill Trepanier
Cultural Geography, climate change, extreme weather, coastal areas, environmental justice, historic preservation, and human-environment interaction

Georgia DavisGeorgia Davis - MS Student 
B.S. in Geography with concentration in Climatology, Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Jill Trepanier
Climatology, Mapping, Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis

Hannah DerouenHannah Derouen - PhD Student 
B.S. Anthropology-Sociology, Millsaps College
B.S. Neuroscience & Cognitive Studies, Millsaps College
Advisor: Dr. Robert Tague
Forensic Anthropology, Bioarchaeology, Osteology, Disease, Trauma, Identification

Adam Dohrenwend Adam S. Dohrenwend - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.A. Geography, SUNY Geneseo
M.A. Geography, University of Kansas
Advisor: Dr. Andrew Sluyter
electoral politics, political ecology, environmental justice, industry, labor

Gwendal DolouGwendal Dolou - PhD Student
B.S. Southern Brittany University, France
M.S. Bordeaux University, France
Advisor: Dr. Kristine DeLong
paleoclimate reconstruction, corals reefs, climate change

CDCamille Wilthew Dupuis - MA Student 
B.A. Anthropology, Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Heather McKillop
Archaeology, Material Culture, Cultural Anthropology, 3D Imaging

Jordan FazioJordan Fazio - MS Student
B.S. Environmental Science/Natural Sciences, University of West Florida
Advisor: Dr. Jill Trepanier & Dr. Barry Keim

Blaine FisherBlaine Fisher - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.S. Southeastern Louisiana University 
M.S. University of New Orleans
M.L.A. Tulane University
Advisor: Dr. Heather McKillop
Impact of Manmade and Natural Disasters on Ancient Societies, The Terminal Classic Maya Collapse, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in archaeological Research, Evolution of Archaeology into the Digital Space, Geographical and Environmental Impacts on Ancient Societies, Ancient Myths:                                                  Separating Fact from Fiction

Emily FisherEmily Fisher - MS Student 
B.S. Environmental Science - Natural Sciences, University of West Florida
Advisor: Dr. Jill Trepanier
GIS, remote sensing, spatial analysis, climate risks

Vanessa ForemanVanessa Foreman - MS Student
B.G.S. with minors in Geography and Health at University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Advisor:  Dr. Michael Leitner
GIS and Health & Medical Geography

Cheryl Foster Cheryl M Foster - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.A. University of Central Florida
M.A. University of Central Florida
Advisor: Dr. Heather McKillop
Maya Archaeology, Underwater Archaeology, Paleoethnobotany, Geology, Herbalism, Environmental Archaeology

Margaret FurtnerMargaret Furtner - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.A. DePauw University
M.A. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Juliet Brophy
Paleoanthropology, Remote Sensing, GIS, Machine Learning, 3D Imaging, Osteology, Dental Anthropology

Aliya GodoyAliya Godoy - MA Student 
B.A. Anthropology, Fort Lewis College
Advisor: Dr. Ginesse Listi
Biological Profile Analysis, Biocultural Anthropology, Victim Identification

SK Groll SK Groll - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.A. Case Western Reserve University
M.A. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Mary Jill Brody
Sociocultural and public anthropology, ethnography of social movements, political economy, geography of resistance, politics of education, medical anthropology, body ideals, gender, sexual health, adolescent cultures

Leo Guerrero AsmadLeo Guerrero - PhD Student
B.S. Civil Engineering, Universidad de Piura
M.S. Water Resources, Universidad de Piura
Advisor: Dr. Kory Konsoer
Fluvial geomorphology, river morphodynamics, numerical modeling, large rivers, Amazonian rivers

Amy HairAmy Hair - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.A. Michigan State University 
M.A. The University of Southern Mississippi 
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine
Bioarchaeology, Maya Archaeology, Histology, Labor and Subsistence Patterns, Geographic Information Sciences, and Social Bioarchaeology 

Kenetha Harrington Kenetha Harrington - PhD Candidate (ABD)
M.A. St. Xavier University
Advisor: Dr. Joyce Jackson, Dr. Helen Regis
African diaspora archaeology, historical archaeology, sociocultural anthropology, slavery in America, black culture, space, ethnohistory, and identity

Dwayne Hinton Dwayne Hinton - MA Student
A.A Baton Rouge Community College
A.S. Baton Rouge Community College
B.A. Louisiana State University
B.A.M.C. Louisiana State University
B.I.S. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Heather McKillop
                                          Maya Archaeology, Underwater Archaeology, 3-D Imaging, Drones, Louisiana Mounds, Wood Identification, Botany

HooverCorey Hoover - PhD Student
B.S. Anthropology, Geography, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
M.S. Cartography and GIS, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine
Andean Archaeology, Networks, GIS Development, Remote Sensing, and Environmental Archaeology

Rodney HughesRodney Hughes - PhD Student
B.F.A Pratt Institute
M.A. Union Theological Seminary
Advisor: Dr. Joyce M. Jackson
African spiritual traditions in the Americas, shamanic praxis, ritual artifacts, and performance, comparative mystical and ecstatic traditions, deification,biblical prophecy, and social justice

Itzamara IxtaItzamara Ixta - MA Student
B.A. Anthropology with minor in German, University of California, Santa Barbara
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine
Bioarchaeology, Burial Practices, Human Osteology

Hannah J JohnsonHannah J. Johnson - PhD Student 
B.S. Anthropology, The University of Iowa
Advisor: Dr. Juliet Brophy
Paleoanthropology, Osteology, Functional Morphology, Stone Tool Production and Use, Multivariate Analysis, Morphometrics

Miracle JohnsonMiracle Johnson - PhD Student
B.A. Louisiana State University
B.S. Louisiana State University
MBA Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Joyce Jackson
Socialcultural and business anthropology, African American culture, identity and racial inequality

Julia JohnstonJulia Johnston - PhD Student 
B.A. in Anthropology, University of Notre Dame
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine
Bioarchaeology, Osteology, Paleopathology, Trauma, Museum Collections

Charlotte JonesCharlotte Jones - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.S. Urban Studies and Regional Planning, University of New Orleans
M.A. Tulane University
Advisor: Dr. Sarah Franzen
Historical Anthropology, human-environment interaction, multispecies ethnography, historical geography, heritage management, Mississippi River Valley, animal studies, Gulf Coast

Marisa Karpinski Marisa Karpinski - PhD Student
B.S. University of Delaware
M.S. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
Tornado climatology, natural hazards, risk perception, geographic vulnerability, climate literacy

Manisha K CManisha K C - MS Student 
B.E. Geomatics Engineering, Kathmandu University, Nepal
Advisor: Dr. Xuelian Meng
Remote Sensing, GIS, Digital Image Processing, Spatial Analysis, Photogrammetry & Agriculture

Mat KeelMat Keel - PhD Candidate (ABD) 
B.A. Geography, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
M.A. Geography, University of California, Los Angeles
Advisor: Dr. Helen Regis
Race, Trauma, Nature, Art, Ethnography, Film

Hyunjoong Kim Hyunjoong Kim - PhD Student
B.S. Anyang University, South Korea
M.S. Anyang University, South Korea
Advisor: Dr. Fahui Wang
Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Simulation Model, Spatial Disparity, Spatial Statistical Analysis Method

anthony lanfranchiAnthony Lanfranchi - PhD Student 
B.S. Applied Forensic Sciences, Concentration in Forensic Anthropology, Mercyhurst University
M.S. Forensic and Biological Anthropology, Mercyhurst University
Advisors: Dr. Juliet Brophy & Dr. Ginesse Listi
Skeletal Trauma Analysis, Forensic Taphonomy, Functional Morphology, and 3D Scanning

Jiyoung LeeJiyoung Lee - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.A. Sungshin Women's University
M.A. Sungshin Women's University
Advisor: Dr. Michael Leitner
GIS, Geo visualization, Interactive map, Geospatial big data analysis, Remote Sensing

Hanqi Li Hanqi Li - PhD Student
B.S. Northeast Forestry University
M.S. Wuhan University
Advisor: Dr. Fahui Wang
Spatial data analysis, applications of GIS in public health

Liang Yuan Liang - MS Student
B.S. Ludong University

Heidi MayeauxHeidi Mayeaux - MA Student
B.A. Psychology, Southeastern Louisiana University
B.A. Criminal Justice, Southeastern Louisiana University
Advisor:  Dr. David Chicoine
Mesoamerican Archaeology, bioarchaeology, social structure, structural violence, paleobotany, ancient foodways 

MorzanigaMathilde Morzaniga - MA Student
B.S. Anthropology, Tulane University
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine
Bioarchaeology, osteology, disease, trauma, violence, Latin America

Benjamin MossBenjamin Moss - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.S. University of Oregon
M.A. Wichita State University
Advisor: Dr. Robert Tague
Human osteology and the cranium

Christopher Nicosia Christopher Nicosia - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.A. Suny Oneonta
M.S. Illinois State University
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine
Bioarchaeology, Skeletal Biology, Social Landscapes (i.e., Social Identity, Gender), Paleopathology, Mortuary Patterning, Diet

Tolulope OlowuTolulope Olowu - PhD Student 
B.S. Geography, Obafemi Awolowo University
M.S. Geography, Obafemi Awolowo University
Advisor: Dr. Steven Namikas
Coastal Hydrology, Catchment Interactions, Water Resources Evaluation, Climate Change Effects on River Systems

Olumide Omotere Olumide Omotere - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.S. Obafemi Awolowo University
M.S. University North Texas
Advisor: Dr. Lei Wang 
Hydrology, Soil Moisture Dynamic, Remote sensing, GIS, Data Analytics

Erika OrnouskiErika Ornouski - PhD Student
B.A. California State University, Sacramento
M.S. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
Atmospheric rivers, orographic precipitation, precipitation stable isotopes; planetary boundary layer processes, diurnal wind systems, wind energy; mountain, desert, and coastal meteorology; climate/water resources of the U.S. Southwest

Aja PalermoAja Palermo - MA Student
B.I.S. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine
Archaeology, material culture, gender, foodways, museum studies

Kylie PalmerKylie Palmer - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.S. Florida Gulf Coast University
B.A. Florida Gulf Coast University
M.S. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Advisor: Dr. Kristine DeLong
Paleoclimate reconstructions, conservation paleobiology, paleoecology, marine biology/ecology, coral reef ecology/biology, hurricanes, tropical climatology,  climate change

PattonBrett Patton - PhD Student
B.S. Biology, William Carey University
M.S. Renewable Natural Resources, LSU
Advisor: Dr. Xuelian Meng

Kashif RustamaniKashif Rustamani - PhD Student
B.A. International Relations, University of Sindh, Jamshoro
M.Sc. Anthropology, Qauid i Azam University, Islamabad
MPhil Development Studies, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics
Laurea Magistrale, University of Florence, Italy
Advisor: Dr. Sarah Franzen
Delving into the intersection of development, politics, public health and agriculture sector; particularly how societies deal with social and climate change,                                                and how the changes in structures and policies impact local communities and poor in the global South

Bijaylaxmi SahooBijaylaxmi Sahoo - PhD Student 
B.S. Mathematics, Utkal University, India
M.S. Atmospheric Sciences, National Institute of Technology, India
M.S. Oceanography, Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Xuelian Meng
Remote Sensing, GIS, Numerical Modeling, Extreme Events, Climate Change, Land-Air-Sea Interaction

Sarah SeiboldSarah Seibold - MS Student 
B.A. Geography, LSU
B.A. Anthropology, LSU
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
Dew Point Climatology, Extreme Weather, Climate Change

ShoemakerDylan Shoemaker - PhD Student
B.S. Earth Science, Iowa State University
M.A.T. Science Teaching, Iowa State University
Advisor: Dr. Kory Konsoer
Fluvial geomorphology, cutoff evolution, sediment transport and erosion, anthropogenic forcing in river systems

Sumaiya Siddique Sumaiya Siddique - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.S. University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
M.S. Geography, Auburn University, Alabama
Advisor:  Dr. Kory Konsoer
Numerical modeling of river hydro-morphology, sediment transport and deposition, hydrogeology, GIS and remote sensing

Anna SitzmanAnna Sitzman - MS Student
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
Climate change, adaptations, stormwater management

Brett Spencer Brett Spencer - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.A. Kent State
M.A. University of New Orleans
Advisor: Dr. Andrew Sluyter
Historical geography of the Mosquitia (Honduras and Nicaragua), indigenous activism, urban geography, Central American Caribbean

Student Kathleen Staebell picture Kathleen Staebell - MS Student
B.S. Iowa State University
Advisor: Dr. Kory Konsoer
Numerical modeling of geomorphic systems, post-wildfire flooding, flood inundation mapping

Nina SusichNina Susich - MS Student
B.A. Musical Arts, Vanderbilt University
Advisor: Dr. Kristine DeLong
Paleoclimatology, coral reef ecology, climate change    

Arielle SuttonArielle Sutton - MS Student
B.S. Louisiana State University
Advisor:  Dr. Barry Keim

Derek Thompson Derek Thompson - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.S. Western Kentucky University
M.S. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
Meteorology, climatology, applied climatology, GIS, statistics, tropical cyclone size, heat

LSU ImageLatasha Valenzuela-Hernandez - PhD Student
B.A. French, Southern University
MBA, University of Phoenix
M.A. Spanish (Linguistics), Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Jill Brody
Sociolinguistics, cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, CRT, French, Spanish

WhitenTori Whiten - MA Student
B.A. Anthropology, Criminology, LSU
Advisor: Dr. Robert Tague
Forensic Anthropology

WoldAmy Wold - MS Student
B.S. Journalism, Western Washington University
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim

jeanne woodJeanne Wood - MA Student 
B.A. Anthropology & History, Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Juliet Brophy
Bone collections, 3-D Scanning, Hominin Dental Morphology

Yue Wu Yue Wu - PhD Student
B.S. Southwest Forestry University
M.S. Binghamton University
Advisor: Dr. Lei Wang
Spatial analysis, remote sensing in urban area, crime GIS, human-environment interaction

Skyler YakesSkyler Yakes - PhD Student
B.A. Anthropology, University of South Carolina
Advisor: Dr. Ginesse Listi
Skeletal trauma, paleopathology, age estimation

Lirong Yin Lirong Yin - PhD Student
B.S. University of Iowa
M.S. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Lei Wang 
Human and environment interaction, GIS

Yutian Zeng Yutian Zeng - PhD Student
B.S. Hainan University
M.S. East China Normal University
Advisor: Dr. Fahui Wang

Zeliu Zheng Zeliu Zheng - PhD Candidate (ABD)
B.S. University of Washington, Seattle
M.S. Binghamton University, SUNY
Advisor: Dr. Fahui Wang
Urban planning, public policy, GIS