Industry Testing


Since the earliest years of the PERTT Lab’s industrial involvement, it has been utilized as an essential service in the development of petroleum tools used in drilling and production for both land based and offshore applications.  Located in Louisiana’s capital city of Baton Rouge, it is in the heart of the ever evolving oil and gas business of South Louisiana, only a short drive for our Texas partners, and easy access through the Port of Baton Rouge for our oversees customers.  The facility has served the industry as a research center capable of variable flow, whether single-phase or multi-phase, pressures up to 5,000psi in one of our fully cased research wells, or higher pressures up to 15,000psi through a closed system surface loop.  Different test setups can be established for different tool or technology applications to prove functionality, analyze efficacy, or assess capability limits.  Repeatable FAT testing for developing manufacturing processes can also be accomplished at the PERTT Lab for discounted day rates. 

One of the most desirable features of the PERTT Lab for our industrial customers is the opportunity to demonstrate their tools and technologies for a fraction of the cost of utilizing a working rig.  The operation of this unique facility by Louisiana State University allows our industry partners to team with some of the most significant and relevant organizations, research professionals, and networks within the oil and gas world.  Therefore, there are many cutting-edge developments that have been first tested at the PERTT Laboratory over the years, and many more to come. 

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Facility Use 

The PERTT Laboratory is available for testing and open to discuss test plans, equipment requirements, lab availability, and facility usage pricing.  Please email Mahendra Kunju at with any inquiries as well as a test plan/procedure if available.  Below is the calendar with upcoming events for your reference.