Early Childhood Education Internships

Internship and Independent Study Possibilities

Knock Knock Children’s Museum

The early childhood internship at Knock Knock Children’s Museum is a part-time, unpaid experience. Knock Knock’s staff and Education Chair will work with your professors to help you earn college credit. Applicants must be enrolled in or have recently graduated from an institution of higher learning, have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and be at least 18 years old. Through this internship you can:

  • Gain valuable career-related experience
  • Contribute fresh ideas and energetic insights to your community
  • Learn non-profit management skills
  • Develop communication and workplace skills
  • Share your talents and meet new people
  • Earn college credit

Prior to the museum opening, the Early Childhood Intern will assist the Education Chair and Education Director (to be hired) in planning, prototyping, researching and designing educational programs appropriate for children birth to age 8. This intern will help develop educational resources, both in print and online, for educators and families to support children’s learning.  They will also assist in planning, designing, and implementing community outreach projects.  Once the museum opens, this intern will assist in assessing, prototyping, observing, and evaluating facilitated programs at the Museum. The information gathered will be used to ensure program objectives and educational goals are being met.

Interested students can contact the volunteer coordinator at Knock Knock for more information.

EBR Substitute Teacher

EBR Public Schools

Looking for graduate students interested in seeing early childhood interactions through a new lens

Students interested in CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System) training for Toddler interactions should email ptravasos@ebrschools.org and CC mgran19@lsu.edu for more information. This opportunity will include a two-day CLASS Toddler training. Upon successful completion of reliability testing, you will be a certified CLASS observer for Toddler classrooms. This is a great professional prospect and provides you with a marketable skill for prospective employers.