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LSU EnvironMentors (EM) is an award-winning after-school science mentoring initiative that pairs underrepresented students from area high schools with LSU graduates and undergraduates.

LSU student mentors volunteer two or more hours each week to work individually with the high school students on a year-long scientific research project. Each protégé’s work culminates in a poster competition in which his/her year-long data collection and research findings are succinctly summarized and presented. Mentors and students also participate in weekly environmental science, biological, and oceanographic research activities to introduce the proteges to diverse scientific fields. Our group also conducts field trips across Louisiana, introducing the proteges to environmental issues in our state and teaching them environmentally based field research methods. 

Why Participate?

High school students complete the program with increased confidence in their ability to achieve challenging life goals, to become more informed members of society, to understand the workings of the natural environment, and to communicate with an assortment of audiences using multiple platforms. Students who complete the EM program have a higher likelihood of graduating from high school and pursuing higher education. Also, participating college mentors develop their leadership skills while giving back to their community. LSU EnvironMentors opens a world of opportunities for tomorrow’s environmental workforce.


EnvironMentors is an inspiring program with the power to make a real difference. While participating in our program, individuals experience significant personal growth and development—they build a strong understanding of the natural world, develop crucial critical thinking skills, and learn to communicate effectively. Many go on to pursue higher education after leaving us. We are so proud to be a part of these students’ journeys.

Sibel Bargu Ates, Professor and Associate Dean, LSU CC&E


a world of opportunities

a group of girls stands by a poster

EnvironMentors participants attend the Ocean Sciences Meeting in New Orleans.

a man watches a woman fill a test tube

Protegees get hands-on experience working in the field and the lab.

 a group of people in orange shirts stand outside
two students stand behind a table talking to a group of children
a student presents a poster
Participants present a scientific poster featuring their original research at the end of the year.


Our Donors

EnvironMentors is sponsored by APTIM Global, Louisiana SeaGrant, and by generous gifts from individual donors.

APTIM Global

Louisiana SeaGrant



Meet our people

Faculty Advisor

Bryan Snyder

Bryan Snyder 


Sabrina Cervantez

Sabrina Cervantez 
1002U Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Program Coordinator

Hannah Beck
Hannah Beck

National Organization

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The LSU EnvironMentors are a chapter of the EnvironMentors, a science education and national college access program.

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2150 Energy, Coast & Environment Building
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