LSU Students Help Librarian Who Fell

October 06, 2023

On the first day of school at LSU, an ordinary afternoon took an extraordinary turn when LSU librarian, Michael Russo, found himself in need of help after a sudden fall. Thanks to the quick-thinking actions of LSU students, including Leo Le and Mary Currier, Russo received the assistance he needed, demonstrating the true spirit of LSU's community and compassion.

“I had just stepped out of the library to warm up because it was cold in the library. I was walking through the Quad when I suddenly blacked out,” Russo said.

Leo Le, a junior studying psychology and hailing from Dutchtown, La., and Mary Currier, a senior nutrition and food science major from Austin, Tx., were both in the right place at the right time.

“I was walking out of the library, trying to gather my thoughts for classes and out of the corner of my eye I saw Michael stumble and fall. I tried to catch him, but I couldn’t get to him in time,” Le said.

Russo hit his head on the pavement.

“I got my jacket out and put it under his neck and made sure that he was comfortable and that he wouldn’t try to get up too quickly. I talked to him, asking if he was alright, and I also wanted to make sure someone was calling for help,” Le said.

Currier called LSU Police, alerting them to the situation. A third student, Maya Guillory, a sophomore studying psychology from Lake Charles, La., also tried to help.

“It felt good to help him. I wanted to make sure he was 100%,” Guillory said. “So, I stood by the Quad until I saw him leave on the stretcher.”

Currier said some of her classes helped prepare her to respond in an emergency. CPR and first aid classes are available through different LSU departments including the UREC and the School of Kinesiology.

“They prepare us for certain situations like these emergency situations. It shows that LSU students can respond in certain scenarios like this. So, if something like this did happen again to someone else, I know I can do something to help,” Currier said.

Reflecting on the incident, Le and Currier shared they were both worried about Russo's condition for days.

“The fact that he is doing so well makes me feel so good,” Currier said.

“I really wanted to personally thank them,” Russo said. “Fortunately, the actual injury to my head was not that serious, but it could have been. And if it had been, it was a good thing that these students stayed with me. It tells me that they’re not afraid to get involved when it’s necessary, and to come to the aid of a stranger, and that says a lot.”