Space Allocation

The Office of Academic Affairs assists with prioritizing the use and renovation of academic space. For units seeking additional space or renovated space, a request form must be submitted. 

Request for Allocation of Space

The requester is to complete this form and submit it for review and endorsement to the Department Chair/Director and then to the Dean or Vice President. Once all parties have approved the request, it is then submitted to Senior Vice Provost Jane Cassidy at If the Senior Vice Provost endorses the request, the proposal is forwarded to the Office of Planning, Design & Construction (PDC) for review and recommendations. PDC reviews and recommends action which is submitted back to the Senior Vice Provost for final approval. Dean/Vice President is then notified of the resolution. 

Requester Information

Space Request

Provide a brief description of the type and amount of space being requested and how it will benefit the mission of your unit.

What is the projected number of occupants that need additional space

Request Endorsement

Is there a specific space being requested?
Identify the level of remodeling anticipated to to make the space functional for the stated purpose. Check all that apply.

Department Approval

By checking this box you are endorsing the above space request.


Yes, my Department Chair/Director approves this request
Yes, my Dean/Vice President of this department approve this request